How Do I See Someone’s Poke on Facebook

How Do I See Someone’s Poke on Facebook: I hope you still remember that amazing feature on Facebook popularly known as “poke”, well am certain the early Facebook birds will understand this feature and some may wonder if this feature still exists, well I can proudly tell you it does exist, the issue with its seemingly extinction is because people don’t really use it again and I assume it is because they don’t actually understand it’s meaning and largely because people don’t really know how to see someone’s poke on Facebook. So in today’s article, we will give solutions to the conundrum about How do i see someone’s poke on Facebook? 

How Do I See Someone’s Poke on Facebook
To easily view someone’s poke on Facebook perform the following action, for those that does not understand the meaning of Facebook Poke, Read our Previous article on What A Poke Mean On Facebook 

Ways to see someone’s poke on Facebook.

So let’s uncover the mask behind that notification “Someone Poked You” on your Facebook timeline, follow the following steps to check out who poked you: 
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  • For the Facebook app users, launch the application and login, from your account page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where you will locate the inscribed “More” button, once located, click on this button.
  • From the alternatives that comes up, Click on “Apps”. This is where pokes will appear, but for the regular app users, it might appear on the list of choices when you at first click “More,”.
  • As soon as the list of options under Apps comes up, click on Pokes, from here you will see all the list of your Facebook activities regarding pokes, you will see those who poked you, the users whom you have poked, and then Facebook’s recommendations of the Users who you ought to poke!
If these steps looks a bit difficult, then you can simply inspect your pokes from the search field at the top of the Facebook Mobile app, once in the search field, simply enter the keyword “Pokes.” This instantly direct you to the app itself where you will see the lists as illustrated in the previous steps above. That’s how easy it is to View your Facebook pokes and the face behind the Poke You notification.

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