How to add friends on facebook without getting blocked

Most of the people on Facebook are blocked these days for adding new friend. We already told you the reasons behind this ban and its after effects (Click here if you missed it). Here are few tips to tell you how you can avoid such bans and why you should avoid them.

Avoid getting blocked from adding people:

  • Don’t send a friend request to every profile you visit. Facebook Algo might ban you if you add people with no mutual friends.
  • You can add strangers but avoid sending so many requests together. Give at least one day gap and wait for the other person to accept the pending request first before you send a new one.
  • If someone’s not accepting your request and kept it pending, it is highly recommended to cancel your friend request.
  • In case you are adding a stranger, try sending a message first, talk and make sure that he/she will accept you request. Only then you should send it.
  • Please note that sending messages to strangers is now considered as a spam as well. Even if you are sending too many messages to users who are not in your friends list, Facebook might ban you for adding friends.
  • Don’t try to add people when you are banned. Facebook may increase your period of ban.
  • Once banned, there is no need to cancel pending friend requests, this hardly makes a difference. But there’s a possibility that someone you added might report you as unknown to Facebook.
  • Accept incoming friend requests from the ‘Friend Requests’ page i.e. not from the sender’s profile directly.
You should always avoid such type of bans as Facebook won’t allow you to add persons after the ban even if you know them. This will also ban you from sending messages to people who are not in your friends list. Personally even I don’t like this feature of Facebook where we cannot make online friend whom we don’t know personally. But since we’re addicted to Facebook, so we have to accept it in the way it is. I recommend you not to add any stranger directly; you can always poke someone with a mutual friend. If you get a poke in return then there’s a possibility of request getting accepted. 😉
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  1. Both people are trying to add but no option to add... what do you do