How To Change Fb change name without 60 days

Hello again to all friends.I have come back with a awesome trick for all of you which many people have been searching on Internet.The trick is based on  How to Change FB Name before 60 days.  This is a big problem with most of the people these days who are using Facebook.Many times people change their names by seeing names of other people in stylish fonts or different styles. And after that they wants to change their name back but can’t do it before 60 days and this becomes a problem for 2 months. Changing name on Facebook is serious process. We have Shared DPs For Couples, also check these.
Now the question is How To Change FB Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit? Ok, This article will give you the answer for this question. I have added a best working method to change name on Facebook before 60 days. I hope this method will work for you. This is the major problem that every Facebook user facing nowadays. Even most of you have already searched on google for methods to change profile name on FB before limit. But, there are lots of methods available on google web pages. Many of them are even not working now so it may be difficult for your to find best working method from them. Well, Today you don’t need to waste your time. Just scroll down the page and simply follow the method to Update Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit.

How To Change Fb Account Name Before 60 Days ?

One of the most irritating thing on facebook is that Facebook Doesn’t allow their users to Change Name On Facebook before 60 Days. Once you change nae of facebook, then  you have to wait for 60 Days to change name on facebook again. Sometimes its very urgent to change Name of our profile. then in that  case there is no option for you. What to do In that Case ? Don’t worry you’ll find answer for this question in this article. In this article i am going to share Bypass Trick to change Name of Facebook Profile Before 60 Days. I searched a lot for this trick and at last found a best solution by the help of which you can change your Fb Profile name without Waiting for 60 days. So without wasting your time. Lets Dive. :-p
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Facebook Is A Very Popular Social Network Nowadays. Everyone Have Facebook Account Who Were Above 18+ .There Are Some Restrictions By Facebook That No One Can Change Their Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days. So Guys This Is A big Problem For Those guys Who Are Interested In Updating Their Facebook Account Name Weekly. so if you also getting this problem then feel free now, Because Today This Article Helps You in updating your Facebook account name before 60 days. We have previously shared method to unfriend all friends on facebook in one time. Here I Am Sharing Easy Method To Change Your Facebook account Name. So follow these steps below. let without wasting your time. Checkout this method.
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Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days
How To Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days ?

Fb Name Change Trick Before 60 Days

Yet Facebook doesn’t Allow to change profile name before 60 days, but there are many other tricks available to Change Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days. so i have searched for all tricks and found a best solution to Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 days. Also Check Our Another Article “Delete Facebook Account Permanently “that we have shared earlier. In this article i am going to share that trick, so now you can easily change your name again before 60 days. if you have recently changed your Facebook profile name and again wants to change your profile name then try this solution Now……
Facebook doesn’t allows us to use fake names so it prohibits to Change FB Name before 60 days. But users use fake and different names and then got stuck for 60 days and abuses Facebook for this. Another case is sometimes our Facebook id is hacked by someone and they change our id name After regaining control over id we can’t change name for 60 days. So for this people search for  How to change name before 60 days  but don’t get satisfactory answers. So here is my new and completely working trick on How to change FB profile name before 60 days?  After reading this article you will not have to search anywhere for this. So lets start the tutorial. and Must Check – Boys DPs For Facebook 
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Trick to change Fb Profile Name before 60 days

So here I am sharing a completely awesome trick to change fb name before 60 days after limit. With this trick you can change your Facebook account name unlimited times and when you want. So lets start.
Methods to change FB Profile Name before 60 days After limit.
This trick is very easy as there is no requirement for this trick. You just have to read all the below described steps carefully and apply them. Read them carefully and apply without missing a single Step.So there are two methods by which you can do this:

1. By sending Government issued name ID proof
2. By using the trick below described by me.
First of all I will talk of first method. You can change your name by sending original ID proof but the problem here arises is after changing name by this method you will never be able to change your Facebook name or any other DOB, name related details in future. So I will recommend second method by which you can change FB name unlimited times.
So lets start this method.
Some Requirements :-
  • Android Or PC
  • Facebook Account
  • Name ID Proof (if you try below steps then, you didn’t need any Govt. ID Proof)
  • Little Brain (hope u have 🙂 )

*How to change Facebook Name Unlimited Times Before 60 Days:-

Changing Profile Name before 60 days appears to be a very hard task but don’t worry it is too much easy to Change Profile name before 60 Days on Facebook. in the below steps you only need a Android or PC to open a URL and simply update your name before 60 Days.
Step 1:  First of all for this trick you need a Android mobile and a browser installed in it. (any browser can be used) 
Step 2:  Now open browser go the link Below.
Step 3:  After going to this link it will ask for your username or email or phone to identify you, so enter it and search.
Change FB Account Name Before 60 Days
Step 4: After searching choose your account, it will ask for your account password.Enter Your Facebook account Email And Password Of Which You Want To Change Name.

Step5: Now it will start a review and your account details and recently made changes will be show to you. It will ask for your original name and your old and current name will be show to you. Select name which you want to show on your account and click on next.
Facebook Name Change Trick
Step 6: Now your setting will be saved and finished messages will be shown. Click on ‘Go to News Feed’.
Yehhh!  you will see your account name will be changed and changed name will be shown to everyone. Enjoy this new trick and share with your friends.

Change Fb Profile Name Before 60 Days

So Guys this is our today’s stuff on ‘Trick to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days‘ i hope u have enjoyed it without any query. guys this is the only single method which is fully working to change Facebook profile name before 60 days. there are many other methods available on google but they are no more working. i also tried this method to Update my Facebook account name before 60 days. and this is well working.
I Hope you have learned something new from this article. If you are searching for any other method to change your facebok profile anme before 60 Days then, you are wasting your time. there is no other alternative method for this trick. thi is the only method which i have shared with you to Update Fb Profile name Before 60 Days. So Stop searching for any other alternative and try above steps. i am sure you’ll definitely change your Profile Name before 60 days by this trick Easily. We have also shared Facebook Social Premium toolkit, you may also check it out.
Many other websites have already shared many trick to change fb Profile name before 60 days but these methods are no more working. This is the only method available to update your fb name Bfore 60 days. Now you don’t need to find tricks to change fb name anywhere else. just follow the above steps and change fb profile name unlimited times without Limit.

Change Name On Fb Before 60 Days

So, This is “How To Change FB Profile Name Before 60 Days’. i hope you liked this post because it helps you very much to change your fb profile name before 60 days. this is the only method that i have shared. there is no any method available anywhere to change FB Account Name Before 60 Days. if you wants to change you name on Fb before 60 days the, use above Steps and also checkout our Another Article – Get Unlimited Likes On Fb Photos
Now you have no need to search for trick to change fb name before 60 days. you can simply use above steps to change your profile name. sometimes we have to change our profile name due to some personal reasons, but when we again try to use our old name then you are unable to do that because facebook didn’t allow to change fb profile name before 60 days. so you have to wait for 60 days to change your profile name. But from now you have no need to wait more because after reading this article i hope you can simply change your profile name after 60 days limit. So now what you are waiting For…? go to your fb account and update your profile name without waiting for 60 days. Also 
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