How to change translation on facebook

Do you speak French, Spanish, Hebrew or Cantonese; or does your Facebook business page have a lot of fans that do? If so, you can take advantage of the Facebook translation command, which lets users translate the posts of a Facebook page into the language you speak.

As a page administrator, allowing your posts to be translated is extremely valuable as it means that you can now engage with more of your Facebook community, growing and strengthening your brand’s international reach. The barriers to global communication are slowly being broken down.
In order to manage translation for your Facebook page, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your Facebook page
2. Click on the “edit page” button in the top right hand corner
3. Click on the “your settings” tab from the list on the left hand side and scroll over to the translation box
By default all pages are selected to allow machine and community translation. Though not always 100% accurate, the former is what most brands will want to opt for at the very least, as it gives their Facebook community an on demand solution to a potential communication obstacle. Admin must keep in mind that if they’ve allowed the community to post translations they should moderate the translation submissions just in case a user decides to post objectionable or spam content. The benefit of allowing the community to post their translation is that often it will be more accurate, and if this receives approval from other users, will replace the machine translation.
Until now, many brands have created different pages for each country they are operational in and assigned a local team to translate the primary page’s updates and manage the local page. This new translation feature will reduce the need to do this.
If the translation tool becomes available to a wider language audience, as well as becoming a feature on Facebook ads, international fans of a brand will be able to better understand messages and interact with a brand more, allowing status to appear more often in their newsfeeds. Ultimately, this could help improve a business’s ROI from its Facebook marketing.
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