How to check who checked my facebook

To see who has checked into your location you need to first log into Facebook. Then in the far right hand corner, click on the drop down arrow and click on "Manage Pages." Then choose which page you would like to see. 
The next step is to click on the Notifications button. 
Then you are going to click on Activity
Then click on Check-ins. Here is where you see the public check-ins of your location or private posts of people you are friends with on Facebook. This is a great place to like, react, or comment to people checking into your location and encourage them to continue to check-in.
**Due to privacy settings of Facebook, you are unable to see whohas check-ins if they made their post private to friends only. However, Causely tracks the total number of check-ins of your page regardless of if they are private or public. We just cannot show you who the users is if they made their posts private due to the privacy settings. 
Below shows how a person makes a post private to "Friends Only" or "Public." Unfortunately, the "Friends Only" is the default for all Facebook posts. This is why a lot of the check-ins might not show up when you look at the check-ins on your Facebook page. For steps on changing your post's privacy setting, go here.
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