How to contact facebook admin

Facebook does not make it easy to contact its support staff. Leaving feedback or reporting a site issue gets your message to them, but the site clearly states that they may not respond. If you're trying to contact the administrator of an individual Facebook page, you may be able to message or post to the page, depending on the page's settings.
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Report a Problem

From any Facebook page while logged in, click the upside down triangle representing the Options drop-down. Select "Report a Problem." For any concern or question that doesn't regard abusive content or a site error, choose "General Feedback" from the list of categories. Note that the feedback form says, "We don't typically respond to feedback emails, but we're reviewing them." If you select "Something Isn't Working," you'll see a screen to report errors. Describe the error and upload a screenshot of the issue if you've taken one. Choosing "Abusive Content" takes you to a Facebook help article on the topic with no actual contact information.
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