How to Deactivate a Facebook Account Forever

How to Deactivate a Facebook Account Forever: Facebook’s initial use upon inception was simply to keep in touch and communicate with friends, families and lovers but overtime it’s use has expanded to promoting brands and keeping your brand customers’ loyalty, create polls, events and other sort of additional features with the dimension to the way the social network giant operates. At some point, you may decide to permanently deactivate your Facebook account, we will show you just how to go about this in this post and we make how to permanently delete your Facebook account easy.
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Don’t know how to deactivate a Facebook account forever?

In case you wish to permanently deactivate your Facebook account, follow the steps listed below.

Action: The first option we will show you is how to change your Facebook account password, the trick here is generating a random password that is very difficult to remember, with this you will be unable to return to the account only if you resist the urge to reset your Facebook account Password. To do that simply do the following:
  • Click on the drop down button to the right of your Facebook home page.
  • Click settings and go to settings and privacy
  • Choose security and login and then select Change password
  • Simply enter the new password as generated
Deactivate Facebook account Forever
Now to permanently deactivate your Facebook account, Log into your Facebook if you are not currently logged in and then open a new tab on your browser and enter this link or simply click on it

NOTE: If you are using the Facebook application and don’t wish to go through the stress of opening a new tab or clicking on a link, simply go to Facebook help and search for these keywords (Deactivate a Facebook account forever or Delete Facebook account permanently) and proceed with the steps below.
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Next, you will be required to enter your Facebook password and fill up the captcha, this is simply a means to ensure you are human.

If the details supplied are verified to be accurate, then you have successfully applied for your permanent account deactivation and your account will be deleted in the next 14 days but only if you do not log in to your account in that time interval.

How to deactivate a Facebook account forever on Mobile
To the Facebook mobile app users, follow the steps below the easily delete your Facebook account permanently
Note: You may need to backup all of your Facebook account data so far, you don’t want to miss those fun times and chats so simply take time out to backup all posts, videos and photos.
  • From your account homepage, click the “downward pointing arrow” in the upper right-hand corner 

  • Then go to ‘Settings’
  • In the General Account Settings section, locate and click ‘to download your information, go to your Facebook information’ as shown below. 

  • Once you have a backup of your Facebook activities, it’s time to permanently deactivate your account and say bye bye to Facebook forever.
  • Return to your Homepage and click the “down arrow” in the upper right-hand corner again Choose account settings from the drop down options
  • Click security from the set of menu that appears on the left of the new page and then click deactivate your account.
  • In the next window, you’ll also be asked to give a reason why you’re considering deactivating your Facebook account forever, simply state a reason.
  • Then you will be required to confirm the process by supplying your Facebook account password. Submit the captcha load and Hit the OK button.
  • Upon verification of the supplied password and captcha, your Facebook account will be permanently deactivated.
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