How to Delete Facebook Fan Page

How to Delete Facebook Fan Page: Facebook over the years has allowed its users to create and control multiple web pages which by improving it earn more viewers and friends. In a situation where a Facebook user is having outdated or obsolete web pages, for example, pages created mainly for an event, these pages will become useless immediately the event is over.

In other to reduce the numbers of pages an individual is controlling, there is need to delete outdated pages immediately their work is completed. To delete a business page has being a great concern to Facebook users, who searches all options looking for ways to delete the page but to no avail. 
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Worry less because this article will guide you through the steps required to delete the web pages on Facebook. Before we get started, note that to delete a page, you have to be an admin on the page, if not, then you have no right to any form of modification on the page and also note that after completely deleting a page, it can’t be reclaimed again. So it’s better to ruminate well on the decision before making it. 
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Here are the steps to follow in order to delete a business page:
  • Login to your Facebook account via internet browser or mobile app
  • Click on “settings” at the top right which will reveal all teams and pages in the account
  • Click on “manage pages”, it reveals all your web pages
  • Select the web page you want to delete by clicking on it to visit it
  • Click on “setups” which reveals different options to set the web page
  • Click on “basic settings” then scroll down and select “remove page” 

The page will be remove after a confirmation that you really want to delete it and you can delete as many pages as you want, no restrictions.

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