How to delete facebook page from iPhone

Feeling hard to delete Facebook page on iPhone or iPad? Please go through step by step ultimate guide. The popular Social network Facebook provides a facility of the business/ personal Page and there are several categories to make Facebook page such as Books & Magazines, Brands & Products, Companies & organizations, Local Business, Movies, Music and other, people, sports, Television, and Websites & Blogs. Facebook Page helps to grow up business and it does help to create a new business mark in the market and around the globe.
After created a page, sometimes the FB Page owners want to delete their page behind any genuine reason. Flagship reason is to be name of the page or new name of business or firm.  So, there is not too hard process to do that, but some of the users may have not clear idea about how to permanently delete old Facebook page. You can also be create a new Facebook page without delete old page.

Complete Steps to Delete Facebook Page on iPhone, iPad

Step 1. Launch Facebook App on your iPhone/ iPad.
Step 2. After logged-inTap on More.
Step 3. Select a Facebook Page which you want to permanently delete.
Step 4. Now tap on More option after the Edit page button. For more details you can take help of the below-given screen.Delete Facebook Page on iOS 9
Step 5. You will get a popup, tap on Edit Settings.
Step 6. Choose General.Complete Steps to Delete Facebook Page on iPhone, iPad
Step 7. Scroll down the screen and under the Remove Page,
hit Permanently delete page option.Permanently delete facebook page iPad Air, iPad Mini
Please Note – Deleting a page is permanent. Once you delete a Page,  you will not be able to get it back. If you really want to delete that Page then go to the next step.
Step 8. Tap on Delete Page.
Step 9. So finally you will see a message – Your page has been deleted permanently.Fb page has been deleted permanently
That’s it.
I hope, this official way you would like and share for others if they wish to delete old business or organization Facebook page. You can also delete your FB page permanently on MacBook, Window desktop. just you need to enter your FB page credentials.
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