How to download your facebook videos

Facebook is a useful backup medium for our precious photos and videos, but only if we know how to retrieve them from the social network. And what if we want to download videos posted by others? Here's how to download Facebook videos. Also see: How to upload a video to Facebook

how to download facebook videos

How to download Facebook videos
There are a couple of different ways to download videos from Facebook, and we’ll show you how to do them now.
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Download Facebook videos for free

Using a website called, you can download videos from Facebook using their website. We've included a quick guide on how to do this below. But there are other sites you can try including
  • Simply browse to the video that you wish to download on Facebook, and click to start it playing.
  • Right click on the video and click ‘Show video URL’, then copy the URL link that is displayed on the page.
  • Head on over to, and paste the URL link into the field at the top of the page and hit ‘Download’.
While this method is free, quick and easy – you are trusting a third party website to do the conversion. These websites often have ulterior motives or will try and get you to download additional software, or even attach unwanted files to your video download.
You’re essentially putting your trust in third-party to complete an action for no obvious payment, which in any walk of life is usually a bad idea.

How to download videos from Facebook safely

If you want to ensure you’re getting a safe and quality experience, then we would recommend purchasing some legitimate software to handle your video downloads.
Parallels Toolbox provides a huge number of useful tools for a variety of tasks across your computer, one of them being the ability to download videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram etc.
This trusted software has been verified to be safe and secure, and comes with a large variety of features which you can read about on their website here.
Parallels toolbox is available for Mac and Windows, and is $20 a year for all the included tools.

Download videos from Facebook using Parallels Toolbox

Once you have downloaded and installed Parallels Toolbox, open up the program and hit the ‘Download Video’ option.
A new window will open up, and ask you to drop or paste a link into the designated area. Right click on the video and hit ‘Show video URL’, copy the video’s URL and paste it into this space.
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