How to Edit the Profile Name in Facebook

How to Edit the Profile Name in Facebook: Facebook has been around and at the top of social media networks for a while now and there will come a certain time when you will need to change your Facebook name, this may be due to a new nickname now given to you in your new clique, or you've just married your sweetheart and it's time to take his name, well whatever the case may be, it's time to alter your Facebook name but unfortunately, Facebook is pretty strict about some of its policies, and the “real name” policy is one of them.  
But feel relax as we've written this simple article to help and guide you on how to edit your profile name in Facebook.

How to Edit the Profile Name in Facebook
Follow these steps to change for Facebook name in all version of the platform.
  • On the FB desktop Version, locate and click the downward facing arrow in the upper right corner of the page and select Settings. Under "General" alternative of the settings options, you’ll see multiple fields with your name, username (URL), your contact email, and other information. Click on the Edit link next to “Name.” this will help you bring up a new field to enter a new first, middle, or last name as desired by you. 

  • On the app for mobile devices, the process is similar. Simply tap the Settings button, then select Account Settings and tap on "General" option. Locate and select the arrow next to your name, and then you can edit your FB name. 
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What are Facebook Name Guidelines
  1. You should familiarize yourself with Facebook’s name guidelines and this can be seen in the Facebook help section. Consider the following before you choose the name to enter n Facebook
  2. You proposed name shouldn’t include a symbol, number, or “unusual capitalization.”
  3. It shouldn’t include characters from different languages.
  4. No title should be included in the name, so for the Drs, Mrs, and Captains, resist the urge to add titles
  5. Don't include an offensive or suggestive word.
  6. A nickname can also be used but it must be a variation of your name for instance you can use Ann instead of Annabel or simply extend it to Annabella but note that it should at least match your previous username.
Those are the simple steps to Edit profile name in Facebook.

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