How to Find Out Deleted Messages in Facebook Mobile Messenger

How to Find Out Deleted Messages in Facebook Mobile Messenger: There’s this saying among Facebook users that “If you have archived them, you can retrieve them, but If you deleted them, then they are gone and you cannot get them back” But in today’s write up we will show you how you can easily retrieve deleted Facebook messages

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile devices

How to Find Out Deleted Messages on Android: We start out with the android users, if you fall in this category, find listed below the simple steps to locate deleted Facebook messages. It is well known that Facebook follows the concept of 'off the internet' this concept simply means the platform saves all activities someplace in your phone memory so those messages which you have sent out or received are hidden somewhere in your mobile phone's memory. So its time to easily locate those messages
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  1. The first thing to do is simply download ES file Explorer from Google Play Store on your Android phone and install it.
  2. After installation, launch the ES file Explorer application and go to 'Storage/SD card' option.
  3. Click on the Android folder, this folder carries all the data associated with your
  4. Then tap on Data folder.
  5. In this folder, you will discover several other sub-folders which are related to all the apps you are using, from that list, discover 'com.facebook.orca' This folder is simply designated for the Facebook Messenger messages, click on it and tap on Cache folder.
  6. Once this folder opens, click on 'fb_temp' folder. In this folder, you will certainly find all your Facebook messages.
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How to Find Out Deleted Messages on apple iPhone: To the Mac users, simply follow these steps to discover deleted Facebook messages
  • Initially, you need to search and Download an application, dr.fone toolkit. This is an iPhone Data Recovery software on your PC.
  • After Downloading, simply open up the software and connect your device, then click on 'recover from an iOS device'.
  • Then Check the 'Messages & Attachments' box under the alternatives in the Deleted Data from the tool, and then click on 'Start Scan'.
Note: During the check, your apple iPhone display will go blank all through the quick search, so Panic not as this is typical of the process and is not dangerous for your device. It is just to ensure no other activity is ongoing.
  • When the scan is over, then you can choose the Facebook messages you want to recover from a list of messages that appears which contains the complete list of erased messages.
  • Now tap on “Messenger”
  • Locate the message or messages you want to recover and tick the box next to each conversation to retrieve it
  • Now simply click on 'recover to Device'.
Amazing right! It works like magic so worry not for deleted Facebook Messenger Messages as our write up on How to Find Out Deleted Messages In Facebook Mobile Messenger will help you out.

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