How to find out someone's birthday on facebook

Used to be that a list of my friend’s birthdays was found on the Events page. Now it’s gone. Darn it! Where’d it go on Facebook?
If it’s Thursday, it must be time for Facebook to roll out yet another change in the user interface, another tweak to our experience on the site, whether dramatic or subtle. This one was fairly subtle, but I was surprised by it too, as I regularly go into the birthday calendar under events to wish my friends a happy birthday. Or, as I phrase it, a “happy anniversary of the day of your birth” since it’s not technically a birthday at all… 🙂
Anyway, suffice to say that the Events area on Facebook has been left alone without modifications or changes for a really long time, so I guess it was due. Fortunately, the birthday list is only but a single additional click away.
To start, you want to click on the “Events” link:
click on 'Events' in Facebook
See it there? Bottom of the list? That’s the one. Click on it.
Now you’ll see a list of upcoming events that you’ve been invited to, whether you’ve accepted or not.
On the right, however, there’s also a list of upcoming birthdays. It looks like this:
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The trick here is to click on the “others” link. In this case, “7 others”. Now you’ll see a list of birthdays and be able to leave messages for each of your friends:
From there, you can write a birthday wish or send a gift. Easy enough.

Why that had to be moved out of the main events list is a mystery I can’t answer, but now ya know…
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