How to Fix messenger on iPhone

How to Fix messenger on iPhone: Since the introduction of Facebook messenger, it was totally separated from the Facebook application, which make it more efficient to use. This freedom has however contributed to increase in battery and memory usage and the application itself (Facebook messenger) also came along with its problem which this article treats with how it can be fixed.

Users of Facebook messenger have discovered that it consume large amount of memory space on the phone as well as power because the application even after when it has being closed still runs in the background to look for updates and other notifications.

To solve this, uninstall the Facebook messenger application then create a shortcut on the mobile site to your display, let the site give you access to your notifications choosing to receive or not receive them or better still, setup a tinfoil. Any of the above suggestions will increase your battery life, memory space as well as save you a lot of money.

Have you being trying to send a particular message to a friend but it’s not going through or your friends are complaining about you not returning their messages which you didn’t receive? Then there is problem with your Facebook messenger which needs urgent attention

First, check if your Facebook messenger is up to date. Do this by checking from the Google play store, go to “my application and games” and check if Facebook messenger is part of the updated apps, if not, then update it immediately. If it is up to date, then check other users’ comments to know if it’s a general issue. Alternatively you can use the mobile website if all attempt fails. 

Maybe you accidentally removed your messages and you want them back, they might still be placed in the archive, so it’s better to check it out.

Click on the message button, then click on “see all” then click on “extra” and finally on “archived”. Then check if there is any of the messages you deleted in the archive. 
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The Facebook messenger app might be displaying a blank screen whenever it is launched or suddenly stopped working while using it, worry less there are things to do to solve the issue.
First, check out your android OS if it requires an update. Go to “setup”, then “regarding tool” and finally “software program update”. If it needs an update, make sure you are connected and have at least 60% battery life before you start. 

Updating your android OS might solve the issue but if not, go to “settings” then to “applications” then “application supervisor”, search for messenger then clear cache and other irrelevant information

If all the suggestions above didn’t work out, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook messenger app.
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