How to get followers on Facebook 2016

                                    How to get followers on Facebook 2016                                                                   
How to get followers on Facebook 2016

6 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
Follower count is often considered one of the vainest of vanity metrics. I can relate. I’ve had my fair share of ego tied to that golden number on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn—pointing out my follower growth to a friend one day and archiving emails just as fast as I could when growth doesn’t come.

Still, despite the vanity, there is value in follower count. While it seems like a smug number to chase, followers have a proportional impact on how far and wide your message spreads and the volume of how you convert.
I think the best bit of advice on followers I’ve read is from our co-founder Leo:

Quality is key. Quantity can’t be forgotten.Follower count is one of the metrics we keep a close eye on with our social media reports andaudits. There is a lot of great advice on how to grow your followers on social media (much of which I’ll relay below), and at Buffer we’ve always been interested in the research behind the advice. How, specifically, can you increase your followers? Which actionable tactics can you take today to grow your follower numbers?

I went looking for data—and I think I found a few good answers.
10 tried-and-true bits of advice on follower growth

Before we get into the research-backed methods for growing your followers, I wanted to start off with some best practices for follower growth. You’re likely to come across these ideas when you’re searching for social media tips or reading up on how someone got the followers they did.
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