How to hack someones facebook without email

Hacking a Facebook Account Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Do It

What crosses your mind when you hear someone talking about hacking a Facebook account? To some of us, they get a picture of a certain tech-savvy geek who has a doctorate in software engineering. To others, they see this hooded online thug out with a lethal digital arsenal ready to access anything in other people’s online world. But the truth is that anyone these days can hack into a Facebook account without needing to be a hacking expert. In this intensive and comprehensive guide, we shall share out everything you need to know about how to hack into a facebook account 2018. Moreover, our insightful guide will show you different methods on how to hack into a facebook account for free.
So, I would like you to follow me closely because this post is not meant to inform only, no. It is designed for that person who is looking for real solutions to real problems they are facing in their lives. It is not for those who want to satisfy their hacking curiosity, but rather, meet a pressing need. If you are a parent who is worried about what your child is doing on the social media, then this post is a timely solution for you. If your spouse has placed passwords everywhere on their smartphones and you can no longer access their Facebook account or Messenger, then you are welcome on board. So, I ask you to buckle up as we cruise through this exciting and long journey of discovery to allow you take necessary intervention steps before things get out hand.
How to Hack Your Facebook: Many Ways of Killing the Same Rat

How to Hack Your Facebook: Many Ways of Killing the Same Rat

Just like every other form of hacking, we have numerous ways on how to hack people’s facebook. You only need to choose the best way that will give you the disired results you are looking for in the spying mission. Also, you will need to choose the method depending on your level of technical expertise. The reason is that even though all these methods will enable you to track a given Facebook account, some of them are easier to use than others. That is why this section of our post will delve into the finer details of every method of tracking a Facebook profile. Below are some of the methods you can optimize to succeed in your new spying mission.

The manual way

To start, I will show you how to use the manual method to tack a Facebook account. The reason is that I would like us to start from familiar territories as we progress towards the more complex methods so that you don’t feel that this thing is hard. Also, the manual method does not entail much effort as the other techniques we will discuss as this section progresses.
For those users who don’t want to soil their hands and sweat blood while spying on others, this method comes in handy. First, you don’t need to download any app to do the spying job. Also, it saves you the risk of installing an application on someone’s smartphone. Another reason why it is ideal is that it is completely legitimate and legal. Why? Because it utilizes Facebook’s built system to spy on your chosen account. To make the most out of this method on how to hack someone’s facebook account, you will have to try logging into the account using its Facebook identity. Here is how to use this method to access and control a Facebook account:
  • To begin your spying mission to control your target user’s Facebook account, you will need to get the email address the person used to register their Facebook account. If you are more knowledgeable in this area, you can use hacking tools like Harvester to collect all the login information you require for your mission. If are planning to hijack the account of someone close to you, then there is no reason to fret about these details. In addition, you can take advantage of the naivety of some people who display their email addresses on their Facebook accounts.
  • Afterward, you need to open the target user’s login page. Thereafter, you have to click forgotten password. This action will let you see an account name popup. Afterwards, you ought to tap on the popup for more prompts to take further action.
  • Afterwards, Facebook will ask you to give your recovery email address to which it will send a link to reset the password. Since you lack access to the email address, you will click a link that tells the system that you do not have access to the details it is asking you to provide.
  • Next, the browser will request you to give it an alternative email address it can use to reach you. In response, you will have to give the system another email address that does not have any connection with the Facebook account you want to monitor.
  • However, you have to understand that the system will not just let you off the hook that easily. The reason is that it will also ask you a few questions to prove that you own the account whose password you are trying to reset. Here, a few things will save you and make your process easier. For instance, if you know the target user close enough, then it will be easier to guess correct answers to the questions the system will throw at you. If you answer those questions correctly, then it will be easy to change the password without the real account owner detecting it.
  • Because you can fail in the previous stage, you still have one more opportunity to change the password. Here, you can use your friends to assist you in resetting the password. With the friends option, you will select three friends and create fake Facebook accounts in their names and using their details. Armed with these fake accounts, it will be easy to evade the previous roadblock because Facebook will contact those “friends” for confirmation.
  • After succeeding with the process—either using guesswork or friends—you will get an email notification sent to the alternative email address you gave. From there, you may reset the password and access the account you want to monitor.

The pros of the manual method:

As simple as it may sound, this method has its own unique advantages that are exclusive to it. Here are some of them:
  • It is very easy to use since it does not require any technical skills or experience to succeed in it;
  • It is an efficient method for those who don’t want complex things and techniques;
  • It is 100% free of charge;
  • It is safe to use;
  • It is reliable as long as the other person does not detect it.

The cons of the manual method:

Despite its pros, this method has a few notable shortcomings. Here are some of them:
  • It is necessary to have access to the target user’s mobile phone or email address;
  • You must have the target user’s Facebook ID to access their account;
  • The victim of the hacking will discover it along the way—soon or later;
  • Since you will be tracking the account personally, when the person discovers it they could trace the IP address to your device, unless they are tech-savvy. You can only beat this possibility if you use another person’s device to track it or you will be accessing it using a public computer in a cyber café.

How to hack Facebook with or without phishing

In this section of our guide, I will show you several ways of hacking a Facebook account with or without phishing. The four main methods we will discuss here are as follows:
  • Staging a phishing attack on the account you want to control;
  • Hacking the target user’s Facebook password using remote keylogging software;
  • Cracking the user’s Facebook email address;
  • Guessing passwords or social engineering ;
  • Staging a phishing attack.
The first method we look at in this section is staging phishing attacks. To hijack someone’s Facebook account and control it, you will need to use this phishing as one of the easiest methods on how to hack someone facebook account easy. The reason is that phishing is one of the easiest methods you can use to achieve your hacking goals. Also, it is one of the most popular ways of staging an attack on someone’s Facebook password. If you take your time and search the Net for hacking methods, you will discover that this technique comes top of the game.
To use it, you will need to create a fake Facebook page that looks like the original one. With this page, you will entice the target user to log into it using their credentials. When they innocently log in assuming it is the real page, you will be able to capture their login credentials and hack their account easily.
To carry out a successful phishing attack on someone’s Facebook account, you will need to follow 13 easy steps. You can also use this process to create a phishing page for hacking Gmail and other email accounts.
  • To start the process, you first need to visit You need to ensure that you are not logged in to Facebook. When there, it is mandatory to right-click on the blank area. Next, you will see an option prompting you to view the source page. You will need to click on this prompt.
  • Next, you will see an open tab, which will contain the source code of the Facebook login page. When there, you will need to press the Control key + U to view the source code.
  • After viewing the source code, you will select the code and then copy it into a notepad. To do this, you ought to press the Control key + F.
  • After pasting your code into a notepad, you will have to type the word “action” but without any quotation marks into the note pad. This will enable you to find the action attribute of the login form in the source code you cracked. While still there, replace the action attribute with process.php because it was initially filled in with Facebook’s login process url.
  • Next, you will have to search again to ensure that you have gotten hold of text that resembles this one here: action= “”.
To get the name of the input fields, it is necessary to use an inspect element by pressing the Control key +Shift + I if you are using Google’s Chrome.
  • Next, you will have to delete all text that appears in green and replace it with post.php. Thereafter, it is needful to ensure that it looks like = “post.php.”
  • The next stage will entail saving the above on your computer or on a hard drive using the name index.htm. Up to here, you will have succeeded in making a fake page that resembles the real Facebook one.
  • The eighth stage will require the creation of a php file. You will open a new notepad and copy the code and save it using the name post.php. At this stage, you will have succeeded in creating two main files, namely the index.htm and post.php.
  • Afterwards, you will have to upload the above files onto a free website hosting site. The Internet has many of them, and you are free to choose the most suitable one.
  • Stage ten will require you to sign up for the free hosting service. To do so, you will have to input all the necessary details the signup form will request you to provide. Once you have completed setting up your account, you will have to log into your account using your username and access code.
  • Next, you should open your control panel. When there, you have to click on the file manager to allow a new window to pop up. Here, you will have to move to public_html.
  • Afterwards, you will need to delete the default.php file. Next, it is time to upload the index.htm and post.php files by clicking on the upload file button. To upload the files, you have to do it one at a time. Thereafter, click on the index.htm file, which will be an exact replica of the original Facebook login page. At this stage, you are almost done with your phishing page.
  • Lastly, copy the url of your fake page and then send it to your target user on Facebook. When they receive the page, they will think it is the real Facebook page they usually use to log into their accounts. When the user tries filling in their credentials, the page will redirect them to Facebook. This way, you will be able to see what they are doing with all their login details displaying on your end. However, you need to ensure that you have shortened your url before sending it to your target user. The reason is that if it is too long, it is possible for Facebook to detect your phishing attempt.
With the above stages, you will have made it possible to harvest all the credentials of the person you want monitor. This means that you can enter their Facebook account and see what they do. If they are living with you, it will be difficult for Facebook to detect any login. The reason is that Facebook has their location details, and hence, its system can alert them if someone logs into their account from another location. For example, if you are in the UK and Facebook detects someone trying to log into that account from China, it will alert them to confirm if they did it or someone else tried hacking their account. However, you can evade this if you are a smart hacker who knows how to hide your IP when accessing the hacked account.

Hacking using keylogging software

The second way of accessing your target user’s details is using a keylogging application. This is method is best suited for hackers with advanced hacking skills. It is not as popular as phishing, due to the need to download a hacking tool. Also, it will require you to create your own keylogger and send it to the victim. The other challenge with this method is that it takes longer and it could be risky because the keylogger itself could also contain spyware.
This method is easier when you use it to hack a computer or smartphone you can access physically. The reason is that you will need to install it directly to the user’s device to allow it capture their passwords and other credentials. Once you have installed the app on the device, it will record and send you all the keylogs that user inputs into the phone or computer. Some of the modern keylogging apps also take screenshots of the machine a person is using. After accessing these details, you will be in a better position to hack into the person’s account without them ever discovering. That is how easy it is to use this technique on how to hack someone’s facebook account without changing the password online.

Hacking their email account

Hacking user’s email is one of the best ways on how to hack someone facebook account easily. With this method, you can easily access a person’s Facebook account details. To do this, you can use several methods such as keylogging because it will send you all the login credentials the user uses to access their Facebook account. Also, you can hack their email directly using a Gmail phishing attack that will help you get access to their Gmail account’s password. Once you have accessed their email address, you can use it to reset their password and hack their Facebook profile. Using their email, you will use the “forgot password” trick and ask Facebook to send you a link to that email address to reset it. This method is easy to use especially if the account owner uses their primary email address on Facebook.

Password guessing or social engineering

We end this section with social engineering. This method depends on the negligence and naivety of Facebook users who use weak passwords. It also includes the guessing of security questions that the account users used to open their Facebook accounts. This method may not bear much fruit because it is based on chance and someone’s ignorance. Here are some of the passwords some unsuspecting users use:
  • Their year of birth—this could be the most vulnerable since most public figures’ birthdays are in the public domain;
  • Their marriage anniversary;
  • Their spouses’ or children’s names;
  • Their mobile phone numbers.

Our final take on how to hack Facebook

As we have seen, hacking Facebook is like killing a rat. We have any ways on how to hack somebody’s facebook account without the account owner detecting it. The availability of many ways of doing this job ensures that anyone who wants to monitor a Facebook account can do so at their level without needing to be hacking or qualified programmers. This means that you are free to choose and use a technique you are most comfortable with. But despite the different ways of hacking Facebook accounts available, the goal remains the same. So, you have to keep the big picture in mind as you seek to control your target account.
In this game, you can choose to hack a person’s account by cracking their email address and use it to reset their passwords. Alternatively, you could leave their passwords intact to avoid the ease of detection by using keylogging software that harvests their login details as they log into their accounts. Also, you can stage a phishing attack that will expose their details to you as they type their credentials. Lastly, you can capitalize on human negligence and user naivety by guessing their passwords to gain access to their accounts. However, this method will work best if you want to track someone you are close to and know their personal details such as marriage anniversaries and birthdays. With these insights at your disposal, we believe you are getting closer to achieving your hacking goals.
How to Spy on Facebook Messenger
Spy on Facebook Messenger 
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How to Spy on Facebook Messenger

In the physical world, courtesy usually demands that you don’t kill the messenger even if you don’t like his message. But when it comes to hacking Facebook, you need to hack the Messenger to death because “he” is responsible for many untold sufferings. Since the social media is marked by instant messaging, Facebook has also integrated this feature into its chatting system. With the Messenger, users can exchange anything ranging from photos to text messages. Here, people can exchange messages that propagate cheating among married spouses and messages that entrench underage children in moral perversions.
Therefore, your desire to control and monitor a person’s Facebook account remains futile if you don’t “shoot” this Messenger. But do we have a way method on how to hack into someones facebook messages without them knowing? The answer is a big, “Yes.” In this section of our insightful guide, we shall teach you how to hack someones facebook messenger app. We shall share out secrets that anyone can use to achieve this goal. Moreover, you don’t need any special university degree to master how to go about the hacking process. You only need to pay attention to what we discuss here. So, get on board to discover more and get in charge of what has been going on behind your back without anyone detecting your activities.

Hacking Without Passwords

Since many ways on how to hack someones facebook messages without them knowing are available, we start our journey by looking at how to hack Facebook Messenger without passwords. I know that passwords are gatekeepers that secure all social media accounts.
However, it is not a must to hack a password before hijacking someone’s Facebook account or Messenger. One way of doing so is using a Facebook hacking tool. The good news is that the market is full of hacking programs you can use for free and others at a small fee. Here, I will explore how you can hack Facebook Messenger using apps without focusing on a particular application. The reason is that most of them follow a common script, and hence, the need for general instructions. Also, these apps enable you to access someone’s messages without needing to download foreign applications. Here is how you can a Facebook hacking app to access Messenger:
  • Choose a suitable app – To start your journey, you need to shop around the Net and compare some of the leading applications on offer. You need to be careful to ensure that the app actually works as it claims. This means you will have to look for the app’s user reviews to prove its effectiveness. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your time with something that won’t work and give you desired results.
  • Sign up – After identifying the best app to meet your spying needs, you will have to visit the developer’s website to create an account with them. When on the developer’s site, you need to follow the company’s signup instructions and give the correct information the developer needs to complete the registration process. If it requires premium registration, then you to follow their instructions on the control panel to complete the registration, followed by payment.
  • Log into your account – After completing the process, you will have to sign into your account and then fill in all the details of the device you want track.
  • Downloading the application – Now that you have supplied the details of the mobile or fixed device you want to track, you will have to download your chosen Facebook tracker to it. These apps work well on the main mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.
  • Start your spying – After installing the application, you will need to tap on the “Start monitoring/tracking” option. You will need to give it some time to allow the app’s icon to disappear from the mobile phone’s screen. With your chosen application working secretly in the background, you can monitor everything the person does on their Facebook account.
  • Selecting the target app – Next, it is time to select the social media application you want to track. Since you are targeting Facebook and its Messenger on the phone, you ought to select them. With this choice, you will have full access to the messages the person sends and receives. With this method on how to hack someones facebook messenger iphone, you can track the errant person you are suspecting without needing to get their passwords.

Advantages of this method:

  • It is one of the easiest methods since you don’t require any technical skills to use it;
  • You can spy on your target user without them ever detecting because the applications operate in stealth mode;
  • Some of them have freemium versions;
  • It is fast to use them.

Disadvantage of this method:

  • You need to be very careful since it is possible for the owner of the phone to catch you;
  • You have to get physical access to the device you want to monitor;
  • If the phone owner loses or changes their phone, then you will have to start afresh;
  • The best apps will cost you since most of the free trials lack some features in the premium versions.

Other ways to spy Facebook without needing any download

Besides signing up for spy programs, you can track someone’s messages without needing to download anything. But is it really possible to hack Facebook Messenger online and get satisfactory results? If so, what are some of the methods one can use to achieve this goal? The remaining paragraphs will answer these questions. Here are some of the best ways of how to hack someone facebook messenger without downloads.

Hacking Facebook Messenger passwords online

  • Since people designed all computer systems, no human made invention is fully immune to human interference. This means that Facebook Messenger is not immune to manipulation as long as you know how to pull the right strings. If you want to hack into someone’s Facebook account and read their messages, the best way to do so is keeping the information to yourself. The reason is that when you use external methods such as apps, the information you harvest is no longer secret. So, how do you attain privacy and success at the same time? You can do so by hacking their Messenger yourself as we shall explain shortly in the coming paragraphs.
  • First, you will need to get three Facebook “friends” connected to the account you want to hack. Of course, these “friends” don’t need to be the person’s real friends. So, you will have to create three Facebook accounts and send them friend requests. After accepting your friend requests, you will have gotten into his/her cycles. I will show you why you will need these friends as we progress.
  • Next, you will need to log on to Facebook and then try logging into the user’s account using their email address. This means you should arrange to get their Facebook email address or else it will be hard to achieve your mission. Once there, you will try logging into that account using a wrong password. This will prompt the system to ask you if you have forgotten your access code.
  • Here, it will be needful to choose the option that allows you to reset your password of the account you want to hijack. If you have access to the email of the person you whose account you want to hack, then you can use it or their mobile phone number. However, this option is risky because it means that the person should trust you enough to allow you to access their phone that closely. This is most unlikely to happen since if they allow you this freedom, most likely they have nothing to hide from you because a cheating or misbehaving person is usually “hyper careful” with their phone. For example, some of them will barricade their mobile devices with passwords. So, the only option here would be to tell the system that you no longer have access to the email address of the phone number.
  • After showing the system that you lack access to these two, you will see another window asking you to provide an alternative email address. You should supply it with the fake email address to allow the system to send you a link to reset the password.
  • So, here comes the need for the “friends” you had created in the first stage of the process. You will need them as your references when the system wants to unlock your target account. Here, you will need to “speak to” these friends so that they can receive recovery links to that account you plan to hijack. Consequently, they will receive three unique codes that will be relayed to you to fill into the unlocking box to allow you access the person’s Messenger freely. This is one of the most effective ways on how to hack someones facebook messenger for free.
The pros of this method:
Here are the pros of using this technique to hack into someone’s Facebook Messenger:
  • It is free of charge;
  • It does not require any special training or technical skills to use;
  • It is fast and efficient to use;
  • It is the one of the most suitable ways of spying on close relations.
The cons of this method:
Despite being one of the best techniques of how to hack into someones facebook messenger, it still has its shortcomings. Here are some of its weaknesses:
  • It is easy to get caught because soon or later because the account owner will discover that someone has been tracking them;
  • It requires you to know the person you want to track well. For instance, you should have their Facebook email address;
  • It is easy for the target account owner to track your IP unless you are smart enough to know how to hide your IP

Hack using cookies

Cookies are another way of accessing someone’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing. The reason is that cookies help websites to store information on a person’s hard drive so that they can retrieve it later. Also, they contain sensitive data because they can track whole browsing sessions. Therefore, you can sniff and harvest them as long as you use the same WI-FI network with the person you want to spy on. Even though they will not give you access to the person’s password, you can clone them to trick Facebook into believing that the browser is already authenticated. This way, you will be able to log into the account and continue where they left without any suspicion. You can use extension apps and add them to your browsers to help you store cookies in a tab on the browser’s sidebar.

Cracking using their history

The last method we are going to look at is simple, but it works. The only limitation is has, however, is that it does not work in a few countries such as the US and Canada. But for users outside these nations, it is one of the best ways on how to hack into someones facebook messages for free. To use this method, you will only need a few straight-forward steps to get there.
  • First, you will need to open the target users’ Facebook profile.
  • Next, you should right-click on the Poke menus and then choose the Copy Link Location/address from the options. This way, you will save their link identity on the clipboard. The link will appear like this: Our focus here is in the ABC (the person you want to hack), and hence, you ought to pay special attention to it.
  • Afterwards, you will have to go to your browser’s address bar and type in a simple code line “javascript: Chat.openTab (ABC)” but without any quote with the ABC being the ID which you copied in the previous step above.
  • Then, you have to relax and press the “enter” key. With this method, you will see all the history of your target user’s activities on display, including Messenger!

Why should you spy Facebook Messenger?

But why should you hack into someone’s Facebook Messenger when you are not a professional hacker? What should prompt an average person to hack? Here are some of the leading reasons to hack someone’s account:
  • If you are a parent with teenagers who are getting off tangent (morally) and are misbehaving online, you have every reason to monitor them. The reason is that this action will show you what they do and put you in a better position to stem an accident before it occurs.
  • If you are married and are suspecting your spouse is cheating on you, Messenger is one of the ways you can use to confirm your fears. You can track the people your better half communicates with using Facebook spying.

Tips on how to track Facebook Messenger

In this subsection, we share out a few secrets to help you succeed in your Facebook Messenger spying.
  • Take time – Never rush into a spying mission without taking time to do your homework. For example, if you are suspecting your child of engaging in perverted activities or your spouse for cheating on your, make sure you gather all the facts. The reason is that you could need to spend some money investing in a premium spy app only to find out that nothing fishy is going on. Therefore, you have to establish your facts before engaging this process. For example, you should only launch a hacking mission if you notice that the person has zipped their phone with passwords.If they still allow you to use their phone freely, don’t waste your time trying to hack their account. The reason could be that they are just too clever to communicate with their secret lovers using Facebook Messenger.
  • Choose the most appropriate method – One of the best ways of succeeding in your mission on how to hack someones facebook messenger 2017 is choosing the most suitable technique of spying. The reason is that we have many methods of achieving your monitoring goals. So, you have to choose the one that will suit your needs well. When choosing, it is also needful to weigh critical factors such as the risk of being caught. For instance, some methods like resetting a password will not have long-term results the way you would enjoy by installing a keylogger or Facebook spyware. Also, you have to select the method based on your ease of using it since some techniques require some basic technical skills. For example, if you lack technical skills, it is prudent to go for a software option as long as you can get access to the phone and install it on the target device.
  • Be discreet – Discretion is one of the biggest tools you need to succeed in your spying game. The reason is that you will be spying on people you are closely related to. This means that any suspicion could spoil your relationship or strain it further if it is already strained. So, be wise and know when and how best to do the right thing. You should be smart enough to know the difference just having enough time to do something and the best timing to accomplish it.
  • Think beyond the spying – Since you are not spying on your child or spouse for fun or out of curiosity, you should have an elaborate plan on how you will use the information you will discover. Also, you need “thick skin” to absorb some of the shocks you will discover. The reason is that you could be shocked when by finding out some of the things your “holy-looking” teenager has been doing online. What if you discover the woman your husband is misbehaving with is a friend or someone you know? It is therefore imperative to determine how you will receive and utilize this information proactively. If you are not sure about this, you could end up spoiling the entire relationship and even destroying your own life. The reason is that the pain of cheating can be too heavy to bear.
If you plan to catch your child, you should plan the best way to assist them come to out of that perversion or addiction. If, for example, you cannot handle the moral morass they are wallowing in, then be ready to engage external help from trusted family members, friends, or professionals. If, on the other hand, you are planning to catch a cheating spouse and succeed to nail them red handed, what will you do? Will you divorce them? Will you hang yourself? What if they genuinely repent and abandon the other person; will you forgive them? What if it emerges that your wrong behavior contributed to the pushing away of your spouse into an adulterous relationship, are you ready to change? You need answers to these, and many other questions, before engaging in a successful spying mission. Otherwise, your whole plan could as well flop because the discovery may never translate into a recovery. So, think beyond the problem you are investigating and plan for practical and amicable solutions.

How to Monitor Facebook Account Without Being Friends

Since people are getting wary of hackers and getting cleverer than before, do we have a way of accessing private profiles? Is it possible to hack into a private Facebook account profile without being your target victim’s friend? In this section, I will show you how to access different contents on that person’s Facebook account. Here, you will learn various tricks such as how to view private facebook profiles without being a friend and how to view facebook pictures without being friends. But what does it mean to have a Facebook account in private mode? It means that you are unable to view vital content and information on that account holder’s profile. For instance, you won’t be able to view their pictures, their list of friends, where they are, and other basic information you would naturally wish to see on a Facebook account. Also, this form of account or profile setting blocks you from viewing their private messages.
But do you need to be a professional hacker to access these details and contents? Absolutely, not. You only need to learn a few practical tricks as and you will be set to go. But before proceeding to learn how to view private photos on facebook without being friends, we will look at why you need to do it. Here are reasons why people would like to spy on such images and contents:
  • Necessary suspicion – If someone is not hiding something, why would they like to do things secretly? For instance, why would a young teenager want to transact on Facebook in private mode unless they are hiding something obviously wrong from their parents? A married man who wants keep facebooking in secret is obviously hiding something from his wife and vice versa. So, the very existence of privacy is enough reason to raise valid suspicion and curiosity to investigate this person’s activities.
  • The need for protection – The fact that Facebook operates legally does not mean that it takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong. The Net is filled with dangerous criminals who could be stalking your underage kids. This means that parents have a moral right and responsibility to know what goes on to allow them take early intervention and preventive measures.
  • Spying reasons – These days, companies have taken to the social media to market their businesses. Therefore, Facebook has become a vital tool for business to use it to track employers’ account to compare with their competition and measuring their own performance.

Monitor Facebook: Monitoring private images and profiles on desktops and mobile devices

Since we have established the reasons for monitoring what goes on behind the private walls people erect, we now delve into the details of how to view someones facebook photos without being friends. In this subsection, we will look at how you can do this using different spying programs. Here, I will show you the general steps that apply universally to any quality spying app. You will learn how to do it on mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Also, the same principles apply to desktops. Here is how to go about the spying process without the target person knowing you are tracking their private profile.
  • First, you need to sign up for your chosen or preferred Facebook spy app. All of them require you to sign up on their websites.
  • After signing up, your app developer will send you an email notification asking you to confirm your new account that will guide you on how to hack someones facebook without them knowing. Thereafter, click on the link to confirm that indeed, you requested for the sign up and it was not accidental.
  • After confirming your account, you will install the app on your computer or the mobile device you want to use. The installation process on the target computer or mobile device will take the following simple process: You should go to the Settings of the device (mobile or desktop) and then go to Lock Screen and then proceed to Security. From Security, you will proceed to Unknown Sources and click on OK.
  • To control your children’s behavior from your mobile phone, you will need to install your chosen spy app on the device. You will go to the smartphone’s “Notifications” or “Download.” From there, you will open the application to allow you spy on what they are doing on desktops.
  • With the installation being complete on your chosen devices, you can start tracking these private profiles. You will need to access the app’s Control Panel area. From there, it will be necessary to click on “Social Apps.” Thereafter, select either “Facebook” or “Facebook Messenger” to begin your spying mission.
  • When you want to spy on their private pics, click on “Photos” to see the kind of images they post on Facebook. If you also want to capture screenshots of the pictures, you will see an option for capturing them under “Capture Screenshot.” You will select the option to capture the images’ screenshot. Most of these apps also have a provision for taking screenshots of the messages private profile owners exchange.

Parting Shot

Since Facebook only makes meaning when people use it publicly, attempting to set one’s account to private automatically raise questions marks—that the account owner is hiding something. This gives the concerned person a valid reason to read this post to get tricks on how to view private facebook pictures without being a friend to justify their fears and suspicion. Also, we it is possible to access different media on such profiles. For instance, you can spy on their private photos and the messages they exchange on their profiles. It is also possible to monitor their private activities using mobile running on various platforms such as iOS and Android and desktop devices. Lastly, it is exciting to know that the market has many homogeneous applications you can use to get the benefits of this insightful coverage on how to view private facebook photos without being friend.

How to Get on Someone’s Facebook Password Using Social Engineering

Keylogger Facebook Password 
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Even though Facebook is a social network intended to help people to integrate and connect to each other, the very existence of human abuse means it can be corrupted. The reason is that anything that has proper use, no matter how useful it is, can be abused by people. As we talk, Facebook has turned into another ground for all manner of antisocial activities among adult and young users alike. It is no wonder people are using this platform to cheat on their spouses. Young people are abusing it as a tool for expressing their wayward and randy behaviors behind their parents’ backs. What does this call for? A ban? Of course, not. The reason is that the abuse of a good thing calls for the emphasis of its right use, and not nonuse.
So, what is the best way forward for parents and spouses who are facing the above conditions from their spouses and children? The answer to the above scenario is hacking and monitoring, which calls for skill and information on how to hack into someone’s facebook account. But to many people, the word hacking sounds more or less like an expert skill preserved for a few chosen and tech-savvy geeks. To others, it sounds like a criminal gang that intrudes on other people’s privacy. However, this section will share with you practical secrets how to hack facebook password online. You don’t need to have a degree in software engineering to master how to hack someones facebook password or without it. Here, I will show you how you can use social engineering to get to the core of what someone could be hiding from you. With this method, you can grab someone’s Facebook details using Linux Kali. Below are the steps you will need to follow to achieve your spying goals:
  • Installing Kali Linux – To start your mission, you will have to install Kali if you have not done so. You will need to download and install this program on your computer. The good side of this installation is that you can do it in three different ways where you can: install it as a standalone OS, a virtual machine within your current operating system, or a dual boot with your current OS. Inside Kali, it will be needful to access an app called Browser Exploitation Framework or BeEF. With BeEF, you can hack your target person’s browser and hijack it. After hijacking the browser, you will need to trick the target user to give you their Facebook details.
  • Opening the BeEF – To proceed to capture the user’s information, you will have to start the program by clicking on it to. Remember, this program runs secretly in the background of a web server from your system. When the app starts running, you will open your IceWeasel browser to access its interface. Also, it is necessary to create a username and password to access BeEF.
  • Hooking the target user’s browser – In your hacking process, this is one of the most sensitive and hardest stages. Here, you will need to convince the user to click on a particular JavaScript link that allows you to hijack their browsers. However, don’t worry about this because we have many ways of doing it. For example, you can simply embed the code into your website and convince users to click on it. For instance, you can use links such as “learn more here” and many other ways your creativity can inspire you to use.
  • Sending a dialog box to users – Since you have already hijacked the user’s browser, your journey of mastering how to hack into someone’s facebook is on course. Here, you will see their IP addresses, browsers and their operating systems appearing in your panel of “Hooked browsers.” From here, it will be necessary to click on the “Commands” tab, and then scroll down the “Module Tree” up to the “Social Engineering” where you will also need to click and expand it. Next, it is mandatory to click on the “Pretty Theft” icon to open “Module Results History” and “Pretty Theft” windows. With this module, you will be able to send popup windows in the victim’s browser. From there, you will create a “Dialog box” for Facebook to prompt the user to click on it. By clicking on the “Execute” button, you will cause the dialog box to appear in the target user’s system, which brings us to the next step.
  • A dialog in the victim’s system – From here, the victim will see a dialogue box telling them that their session has expired and they need to log in again. Unknowingly, they will input their details. For most unsuspecting users, they will not see anything suspicious about this because they will think Facebook is prompting them to do so. As they sign in, they app will display their login details and send them to you. Here, you will be drawing closer to your goal on how to hack someones facebook page without them knowing.
  • Harvesting their login details – On the other side, you will be watching what they have input into their account. You will see these details in the “Command results” on your BeEF control panel. Here, you will only need to collect these details and access their activities on their Facebook account.

Parting shot on hacking Facebook

How to hack facebook password free is no longer a preserve of a few chosen geeks who have mastered complex programming. As this session has shown, you only need the right tools and follow the simple process we have demonstrated here. The only few things you need to succeed in your mission on how to hack facebook password for free without surveys are:
  • The need or a valid reason to do so. For instance, if you are suspicious that your teenager is treading on dangerous grounds and risks being victimized by cyber bullies, you have a reason to spy on their activities.
  • The desire to learn and follow the instructions we have shared here on how to hack a facebook password without downloading anything.

How to Crack a Facebook Password: Blunders to Capitalize On

Crack a Facebook Password 
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With the Net becoming a hunting ground for all types of abusers, the social media is also falling prey to their antisocial activities. One of the ways through which this abuse takes place is abuse, the world’s largest and most popular social network—Facebook. But how can you track what someone is doing on Facebook without leaving a trace of your spying mission? One of the best ways of doing so is grabbing their password. If you want to master the art of how to hack into facebook accounts, then it is prudent to know how best you can access this little code.
In this section, we shall share valuable insights how you can take advantage of some of user weaknesses to access their sensitive login credentials. The reason is that people are still naïve and careless in matters relating to their user information security. If you have ever used a public cyber café and found a Facebook account still running, then you can appreciate what I am saying. So, remain focused as we move on to see how you can exploit such carelessness to succeed in your spying project. But before getting into the full details of this process, here are some of the things you can exploit:
  • A user’s failure to update their password regularly;
  • Users’ tendency of logging into their accounts using suspicious links;
  • The use of weak passwords that are easy to guess, such as their pet names, birthdays, and 123 ;
  • Failing to update their Facebook and Messenger apps regularly to keep off security threats;
  • Failure to protect user computers and mobile devices using proper antivirus ;
  • The tendency of allowing people to use USB drives on their computers without knowing they may contain viruses that could compromise their machine’s safety. For instance, someone can plant a keylogger in the disk and use it to steal passwords from their computers;
  • The naive behavior of clicking on suspicious links without suspecting them;
  • Falling for fake login pages where hackers send professional emails and login pages asking people to follow some links and sign into a given page with their details.

Man in The Middle (MITM)

This method is one of the most effective ways to use if you want to succeed in your mission on how to hack any facebook. I know it might sound a bit complex to use but by following a few instructions, this method could as well be one of the easiest. You only need to exploit a WI-FI LAN network’s security shortcoming to access people’s access codes. To use this method, you need to do the following:
  • Download Kali Linux – You need to download this app and then open its terminal window to proceed.
  • Alter the routing table – Afterwards, it will be needful to trick the user that you are their web server and trick the server into assuming that you are the client. Here, you will require a spoofing program.
  • Forward data to your PC – Next, you will use this web server to collect passwords and send them to your personal computer.
  • Sniffing the data – Here, the app will send out the data you harvested from the user in a coded manner. Thereafter, you will use another program to convert the information to a human language.

Using a keylogger

Another method that will give you success in your how to hack facebook online efforts is using keyloggers. With this method, you need a program that will record all the keystrokes a person makes on their computer or mobile gadget. To use keyloggers effectively, you will do the following:
  • Sign up for an account – To start, it is needful to select the best keylogger software you want to use. Thereafter, you have to sign up for an account with the developer.
  • Install the program – Next, go ahead and install the software on the device you want to monitor. Also, make sure you have activated the app before accessing any keylogging service.
  • Cracking the passwords – After installing and verifying the application, it is now time to sign into your software’s control panel and view all the passwords the app harvested. If you are using a high-quality app, it will capture all the passwords the person used on their devices and screenshots of their most recent interactions.

Using the “Forgot Password” method

Another easy way of accessing someone’s Facebook password is using this “Forgot Password” trick. It works easily since when a person forgets their password, the system asks them to give their email address where they can send a link to reset their password. This method on how to hack facebook account on mobile requires you to have the victim’s email address to access their resetting section. To use it effectively, you need to follow these steps:
  • Hack their Gmail account – You will need to hack into their account using a Gmail phisher app.
  • Build a free site – Afterwards, you will build a free site with a provision for creating a fake Gmail account.
  • Completing your fake Gmail address – Next you will need to open an “index.htm” folder, spoof it to look like Gmail and then send it to your target user to allow you access to their Gmail password.
  • Hack the Facebook password – Afterwards, you can log into the user’s Facebook account using the details you gathered. Here, you will tell Facebook that you forgot your password. They will send you a link to the user’s email (which you now access) and use it to reset their account.
However, the only limitation with this method is that it will not be long-term in your efforts on how to hack facebook on iphone. The reason is that once the victim tries accessing their account, they will notice and reset the same password, keeping you in a cycle of having to keep resetting the access code.

Parting shot on hacking Facebook password

Accessing and hacking people’s Facebook passwords is possible. You can capitalize on their weaknesses, use Man in The Middle attacks, or even reset their passwords. You only need to follow the tricks we have shared in this section to have your way.
How to Break Facebook Password With or Without Changing

How to Break Facebook Password With or Without Changing It

Facebook Password Hack 
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Are you seeking to crack someone’s Facebook account and access their information behind their backs? Do you have a person you want to track but you lack the expertise to guide you on how to hack a facebook profile without a password? If you do, then you are not alone. Millions of other users like you around the world are in the same dilemma. Some of them want to track errant kids who have “relocated” the operation base of their bad behavior to the social media. Others are looking for ways to catch their cheating spouses who are using their Facebook messengers to cheat on them.
In this insightful section of our post, we shall show you how you can join other ordinary users to crack the code. Our coverage will spill the beans on how to hack into a facebook account without password. Here, we shall discuss the two main ways of doing so, namely, cracking the password and phishing. The reason is that this little code is the most important layer of defense on the gates of any Facebook user’s account. Therefore, hacking the password is like uprooting the account’s game and leaving the house open to external attacks. Read on to take your hacking skills to the next level.

Resetting the password

We have already established that the password of any online account is like its gate. Once uprooted, the house remains vulnerable to all types of attacks. This method is one of the easiest to use. For instance, if you are spying on your spouse, and have access to their email accounts, then it is easy to do this because you need their email account to reset it. Here are the steps you need to take to access one’s password.
  • To start your journey on how to hack into facebook account without password or by cracking one, you will need to get the email address the person used to register their Facebook account. If you are more skilled in this area, you can use tools like Harvester to get hold of this sensitive information. If you intend to spy on a person close to you, then you don’t need to worry about such details. Moreover, some people are still naïve enough to put their email addresses on their Facebook profiles.
  • Next, you will need to open the target user’s login page. From there, you will click on “forgotten password.” Next, you will see an account name popup. Afterwards, you have to tap on the popup for further prompts to action.
  • The system will request you to give your recovery email address to which it will send a link to reset the password. Since you don’t have access to the email address, you will click a link that indicates you don’t have access to the details in question.
  • Afterwards, the browser will request you to give it an alternative means of reaching you. You will need to give them another email address that has no connection with the Facebook account you intend to hack into.
  • The story does not end there because the system will ask you a few questions to verify that you indeed own the account whose access code you want to reset. If you know the target user close enough, then you should be able to guess answers to some of those questions. If you succeed here, then it will be easy to change the password without the real account holder knowing.
  • Since it is possible to fail in the previous stage, you still have the last line of recourse to change the password. Here, you will need to use your friends to assist you in resetting the password. With the friends option, you will choose three friends and create fake user accounts on Facebook. This way, it will be easy to circumvent the previous option since Facebook will contact those “friends” for confirmation.
  • After succeeding with the process (either using guesswork or friends), you will receive an email notification in the email address you provided. Here, you will reset the access code and access the account.

Using phishing attacks

Besides resetting, you can take your mission on how to hack someones facebook with their email to the next level using phishing attacks. To succeed here, follow the following process:
  • You will first need to download a phishing program dedicated to cracking Facebook accounts.
  • After downloading the app, you will need to build a false website to allow you send a phishing link to the person you want to monitor.
  • Next, you have to send the person the phishing link to lure them into a trap by clicking on the link. This method is easier and more effective than the one for phishing a Gmail account. The reason is that here, you will harvest the user’s credentials immediately they try logging into their Facebook account using the fake site you built for that reason. This method provides you with one of the best alternatives on how to hack someone’s facebook without email.

How to break Facebook passwords: Our final take

Passwords are the official gatekeepers of every Facebook account you would like to hack into and monitor. This means that if you will succeed in your attempt to track an account, then you have to know how to hack into these little codes. In your desire to monitor a Facebook profile, you will have two main options namely accessing it by altering the password or leaving it the way it is. The first option is the easiest since you only need to get access to the person’s email address. The second one is a bit complex but more reliable since the victim is less likely to know someone hacked their account. But whichever method you choose—to reset or not to reset—make sure you select a method that will give you optimal results for your spying efforts. We hope the ones we have shared here will take your Facebook spying game to the next level.
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