How to know who checked my facebook profile today

That’s why today in this article, I am going to provide step by step guide on ‘How to check who see your Facebook profile.’ Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites currently available. And it’s common that many of you had a thought of how to check who is staring at your facebook.
The reason could be anything, maybe you wanted to check how popular you are on Facebook. Maybe you want to know that does any hot chickis stalking you. Well, there is not any official way to check that, but there are some tricks that you can use for knowing about your facebook timeline visitors.

How to check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Here I have provided some of the possible ways to check who has recently visited your facebook timeline. Try the methods, and I am pretty sure that it will be helpful for you.

Method-1: Using ‘InitialChatFriendsList’

It is a source code method which you can try as this method works most of the time. For this method, you don’t need any special apps or software. Just you need to install any chromium based internet browser which supports to show page source. So, let’s begin with the method.
First of all, open your Facebook account in a browser. After that, you have to visit your profile here.
who visited my facebook profile
Now right click anywhere on your screen and select view page source. If you are using chrome browser, you can open it by just pressing CTRL+U.
who visited your facebook profile
After that, in a new tab page source of your timeline will open. Commonly, a page source contains so many incomprehensible codes. Now there you have to open search box by pressing CTRL+F, and then you have to search for “InitialChatFriendsList” (Type without quotes)

who visited my facebook profile today

As you see in the picture, that source code contains many numbers. All of the bunch of numbers after “InitialChatFriendsList” are the profile ID’s which has recently visited your facebook profile.
Now you just have to copy that profile ID one by one and then open that into a new tab using ‘ ID.’ Simply type “” and after the slash(/) put that profile ID, and that’s it.
So, this is one of the most famous methods available over the internet. While this method contains the page source, there are many chances that it may show the list of your Facebook friends.
As I said earlier, there is not any official method available for checking that who viewed my facebook profile. All the methods I posted here can be helpful for you.

Method-2: Using Social Profile View Chrome Extension

If you are a lazy lad like me and don’t interested in diving into the source code, this method is for you. You just have to install a chrome extension into your browser, and that’s it.
who viewed my facebook profile
Here is the most straightforward guide to installing that chrome extension into your browser. Make sure that you are using a chromium based browser. This method will not work on any other browser.
First of all, you have to install this Social Profile View chrome extension. You can just visit google chrome web store and then search for this extension by its name.
Well, I won’t suggest you do that because there are a hell lot of google chrome extensions available in the web store. So, I will recommend you to click here to visit the Social Profile view extension page.
After that, you will be landed on the extension page. Simply click on add to chrome button and wait for few seconds. In few moments, it will complete the process of download and Installation.
who see my facebook profile
Now you have to visit and then log in with your username password. After successful login, you will be redirected to the Facebook news feed. Then, on the blue top navigation bar, you will see that a new link “Visitors” has been added.
who see my facebook profile
Every time if someone will open your facebook timeline, you will get a notification, and later you can check who viewed my Facebook profile.

At the time of testing, I was talking with few of my friends on messenger, and this app shows me the name of 2 friends out of 5. Well, that is the reason for adding this app to my list.
First of all, simply click on below button to download the app from the play store. You can also download it from the google play store by entering its name in the search bar.
After successful installation, launch the application.
who viewed my facebook profile
Once you open the app, you will see that it asks you to log in to your Facebook account. If you are already logged in the Facebook app then it will just ask for permissions. You don’t need to put login details.
who viewed my facebook profile
After login with your Facebook credentials, this app will ask you for some permissions. Simply allow them, and that’s it. Don’t worry the app will not risk your privacy. You can allow permissions without any fear.
who viewed my facebook profile
After a successful installation, you can see that who has recently visited your facebook profile. Working in this app is easy, so you can easily check who viewed your facebook profile along with the list of peoples who have commented and liked your posts.

Method-4: Using Social Fans App for iOS

Like “Who viewed my Facebook profile,” there is an app named as Social Fans App is available for iOS users. This iOS app performs tasks smoothly. This iOS app shows every stats of your Facebook profile or page. Such as who commented on your profile, who liked your status and also who check your facebook profile.
who viewed my facebook profile
This automated tool requires some permissions and then boom, it works like a boss. The great thing about it is its user interface which is pretty well managed and simple. This is the best who viewed my facebook profile checking way for iPhone.
It takes care of almost all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and many more. So, you can track your visitors from nearly every social media platform. The app contains many other features too which can help you to take your eye on how your social profiles are working.
Steps for social fans app
  • First of all, go to app store and search for “Social Fans App” or use this link to visit the app page.
  • Download and install this application on your iOS device. Open the app and connect it to your social profiles.
  • Now it will ask you for permissions, merely provide those permissions and move to next step.
  • After that, it will pop up and ask you for choosing your subscription. (Choose according to your budget.) Then, complete the payment process.
That’s it. After that, you can track your visitors from that app. Social Fans app is one of the straightforward and pretty accurate apps which worked great for me while testing. The sad part about this app is that you have to subscribe its premium plan which is quite costly otherwise it is an excellent app for checking your social stats.
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