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GIFs are all the rage at the moment so it’s really no surprise that Facebook is getting more involved. Just last month we were treated to the ability to add GIFs to comments and now the social networking giant is going one step further with a feature that will let you create your own GIFs – and it’s super easy. However, there’s a catch…

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Facebook is only testing the feature on a limited number of users in the UK and US at the moment. That said, it’s highly likely the option will get a full release to everyone soon enough given the GIF format’s huge popularity currently. So, are you one of the lucky ones to be selected and what should you do to find out? Read on below to check for yourself…

How do I create my own GIFs?

Using the Facebook camera feature on your smartphone, you will soon be able to create your own GIFs if you can’t already.
This feature allows you to record something using your camera like you would a video, except it’s limited to a few seconds.
According to The Next Web, who uncovered the feature, all the usual effects and frames you expect to see on the Facebook camera app are all there to use. You then have a choice of posting your GIF to your Facebook profile or your Facebook story – or just save it to use how you like.

Where do I find the Facebook GIF creator?

The Facebook GIF creator is an option within the Facebook camera.
To get to the camera, all you have to do is swipe from left to right on the main screen of the Facebook app on iOS and Android.
The camera app will then appear. Along the top there are options for ‘Normal’ or ‘GIF’. Select ‘GIF’ and you’re on your way.
If you don’t see it, not to worry – remember, it’s only being tested on a limited number of users at the moment. It’s very likely Facebook will roll out GIF support to everyone at some point.

What apps can I use to make GIFs?

If you don’t have the Facebook GIF maker feature yet, there are plenty of other apps already out there that you can create GIFs with instead.

GIPHY Cam, from the internet’s largest GIF search engine, is a good option on both on iOS and Android. It allows you to create GIFs from existing videos or photos, as well as anything you want to film right away.
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