How to post a link on facebook

7 Ways to Post a Link on Facebook

Here are 7 ways! Why so many?
Facebook experts agree that your Fan Page should vary its postings to include photos, text-only updates, and links. And if you like to drive Facebook fans to your website – now you can vary the way you post those links! [pinit]

7 Ways to Post a Link on Facebook

1. Share to Facebook from your website
I highly recommend that once you publish a post, you use your site’s Facebook button to “Like” it, and get the social proof rolling. The DiggDigg plugin that I use allows you to add a comment when you “Like,” which then posts with the link preview to your Facebook personal profile, and your FB friends’ news feeds.
Try adding a conversation starter – as your friends respond, their friends will also become aware of your link post. You can check it out now by clicking the Like button in the floating sidebar at left!
Share a Link on your Facebook Personal Profile
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2. Post a status update with link
You have several options when posting a link on your Fan Page.
Type in some text to give a little context, and add a question to stimulate engagement. Follow with the URL. Example:
Facebook recently increased the link preview size! Have you noticed? Details:
Post a Link on your Facebook Fan Page

The link will become clickable, and will also pull in an image and text from the linked page.
3. Variation: Delete the URL in the text after the link preview appears, for a cleaner post. Here’s how it looks in the news feed (hmm, posting this way means you’d better have blog images that look good cropped to a square!):
Post a Link on Facebook: Newsfeed View

4. Post a text-only status update with link
Fan Page admins have been reporting that text-only status updates have been getting more reach for a few months now. So some are posting links without any preview at all. Simply follow the instructions under method 2 above, then click the X in the upper right of the link preview box to remove it.
5. Variation: Some companies are integrating arrows ( –> ) into their posts. They report that using an arrow to point to their link –> works pretty well. Sort of a subtle call-to-action!
NOTE: When posting text links, be aware that studies have shown shortened URLs have a lower CTR (click-thru rate) than full URLs, as many people are hesitant to click them. Recommended: use the full URL on Facebook so users know where they’re going when they click.
6. Post a photo with a link
See my post, How to Post a Link on Facebook to Get Noticed, for instructions. Some Fan Page admins report that this method gets the most engagement (Likes, comments, shares), but that the previous methods get more clicks to your website. Test the methods on your own Page and see!
7. Variation: Post your photo and status update, then add the link in the first comment. The only problem with this method: unless you have a small fan base, your link comment will quickly be buried. But worth a try – several Fan Pages recommend using this method, so it must work for them.

How Many Ways Can YOU Post a Link on Facebook?

I recommend trying at least of few of these, and checking your Facebook Insights to see which get the most engagement and/or clicks. Have you tried several of these, and found one that works best? Which ways will you try to post a link on Facebook?
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