How to Remove Yourself from Facebook

How to Remove Yourself from Facebook: You are fed up with Fed up with Facebook and you wish to remove yourself from their platform and permanently disassociate yourself with Facebook. But before you proceed, it's important to remember that an erased account cannot be reactivated and everything that you've shared on your account is also erased from their platform.

How to Remove Yourself from Facebook
If you wish to break lose from the bondage you assume you are in because of Facebook, follow the following steps as listed below. 
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  • Initially Log on to Facebook and from your account, click on the download pointing arrow to the right of the account home page and click on settings
  • Then in 'General’ filed in account settings, click 'Download a copy of all your Facebook data'. This option is to assist you in downloading all your activities so far on the platform, you don’t want to miss out on all the enjoyments and fun so far. You can alternatively skip this step if you are totally fed up and don’t even want anything to do with Facebook 

  • The next thing to do ios to go to this link to directly delete your Facebook account., once the page loads up, simply click on the Delete My Account choice.
  • After you click on this, you will be required to supply your Facebook Password and then enter the captcha code provided to proceed.
  • Once these two steps are verified, you will be notified of the account deletion process and ensure you do not log in to Facebook within the interval of 90 days, as this might ultimately lead to the cancellation of the deletion process.
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