How To Send A Facebook Friend Request

How To Send A Facebook Friend Request: Facebook is focused on connecting one user to other thousands to millions of users through the Facebook friend’s connections. A Facebook friend may be someone really close to you in real life or it may also be someone you’ve never seen before but wish to connect with.

Having lots of friends on Facebook is a crucial task which majority of Facebook users carryout on daily basis, it is also fun because you tend to see whatever they share such as their picture, videos, clips and so on. With just few Facebook friends, Facebook may seems boring to such individual.
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How possible is it to accumulate Facebook friends when you don’t even have knowledge on how to forward a friend request? It is actually not thinkable. Adding up friends on Facebook is actually the first task given to new users, this shows how crucial friends are on Facebook. If for one reason or the other, you skipped the adding of friends’ tutorial while creating your account, here are the steps that should be taken in order to send friend’s request to anyone on Facebook.
  • As soon as you login into your Facebook account, it direct you straight into your account homepage which is usually your newsfeed
  • On the top right corner, select the icon with “two human figure staying side by side” i.e. the friends’ icon 
  • Here you will see all your pending friend’s request, but since you wish to send one instead, go straight down, then you will see your suggested friend’s list or a list of people you may know 
From the list, simply click on the “Add Friend” tab right in front of each name to forward your friend’s request.
If in the situation that you have a particular person in mind which you want to add as friend on Facebook, you can simply enter the individual’s name into the search box above the page, from the result, select the person’s profile name or profile picture to go to his/her profile, then click “Add Friend” which is under the person’s cover picture 

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Now that you have acquire the knowledge of forwarding a friend’s request to other Facebook users, you can start accumulating lots of friend just like other users are doing but make sure you are careful who you add as your Facebook friend, some hackers may seize the opportunity to hack into your profile and access all your Facebook details.

I believe this was helpful? Kindly share with those that have accepted your request so they can know how to forward one.
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