How to send gif on facebook

Facebook is finally embracing gifs by testing a feature that makes it super easy to bombard your friends with moving images. A dedicated gif button in the Facebook Messenger app will use images from outlets like Giphy and Riffsy. With a few taps you can send a gif message. Once sent, a link appears to download either Giphy's or Riffsy's dedicated app for Facebook Messenger.
Messenger will be adding a search tool for gifs as well. It was first spotted by Mashable as a small magnifying glass icon that you could tap and search for the gifs you want by using keywords. As with other experimental tools, there's no guarantee that search feature will make it to all Facebook Messenger users in the future. For now, we'll make do with scrolling through the images -- here's how to send a gif through Facebook Messenger.
1. Open a Facebook Messenger chat and tap the GIF icon.
2. Scroll through the gifs and tap twice on the image you want to send.
3. The gif will appear in the chat and automatically play on a loop.
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