How to Set up 'Ok Google' feature on Android Phones

How to Set up 'Ok Google' feature on Android Phones: Google over the years have provided the android phones with lots of exciting features, all those nifty Google voice commands are one of the major strengths of using an Android phone, it makes them easy to use, with the voice command, you can speak with your phone and give directions to whatever you feel like doing. All these features are even more powerful if you enable “Ok Google” detection on your Android phone.
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Enabling “Ok Google” make your Android phone works faster and smarter, whether your phone is locked or you are utilising a third-party app, Ok Google works in a situation. You can command the feature and search for anything at anytime by saying the detection word; Ok Google…”, “Ok Google, Please…” etc. To enable Ok Google on your Android phone, here are the steps to take;
  • Launch the Google app on your Android phone and open Settings
  • Then go to Ok Google detection.
  • Then switch on From any screen.
  • After this, you will be required say, “Ok Google” three times so the app can recognize your voice sounds. This is a form of security that ensures only your voice is detected to launch the Google search.

  • Once done, you’re set to go.
You can check Personal results on the previous display to get suggestions based on what Google has learned about your search and browsing history. Additionally, you can enable Ok Google to function through a Bluetooth headset so you won’t have to stress yourself by placing the phone directly to your mouth at all times.
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I hope this was helpful in setting up the Ok Google feature on your Android phone? Kindly share with your pals so they will also utilise this great Google features on their Android phones.
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