How to upload a gif on Facebook

Memes have always taken centre-stage on Facebook, but the age of the GIF (short animated images that play in a loop) is upon us. Fortunately, posting a GIF to Facebook has become a lot easier.
Autoplaying video has become the norm, still annoying but less unexpected. The latest smartphones are capable of quickly creating GIFs. And we all love Giphy. 
Naturally, then, we need to learn how to make two of our favourite things come together.

Posting GIFs on Facebook

If you're not overly fussed about which GIF you post to Facebook and any GIF will do, start by selecting the 'What's on your mind' field and selecting GIF. You can use the search bar to type in a keyword to find GIFs that have a common theme, then just tap on one to add it to your post.
How to post a GIF on Facebook
Some of us are more fussy about our GIFs, though. If you've found a GIF elsewhere you can now just drag it into the 'What's on your mind' field on a desktop, or share it as you would any other photo or video on Facebook.
If the GIF you want to share is already stored online somewhere, all you need is the image URL (right-click and choose ‘Copy Image URL’ in Chrome, 'Copy Image Location' in Firefox, or 'Copy Image Address' in Opera).
How to upload a GIF to Facebook: Upload animated images to Facebook
Now go to your Facebook news feed and paste the link into the 'What's on your mind?' status field at the top of the page. You can use Ctrl-V on your keyboard, or right-click in the box and select Paste.
Give it a second and the GIF will automatically appear below the URL. You can delete this URL for neatness (the GIF will remain there), and maybe type a message so your friends know why you've posted the GIF. It's all up to you.
How to upload a GIF to Facebook: Upload animated images to Facebook
Once you're done, click the Post button - it's that easy!
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