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Instagram marketing can be easy, especially when you have access to this Instagram cheat sheet. No, you don't need to buy followers or likes to build your engagement. You can build a large and real Instagram following by simply using the right tools to perform the right tasks.
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Yes, it requires engagement, and yes it will require some prep work by you. However, these advanced Instagram strategies make it a lot easier for you to build up your brand.
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 Above is an example of how to manage hashtags on the Combin platform
Above is an example of how to manage hashtags on the Combin platform
Have you heard of bots? Well they are against Instagram's terms of service and can get you into a lot of trouble. Don't use them.
However, we have a management app that YOU CONTROL but will help you do essentially the same thing: engage.
  It lets you manage your audience (and your prospective audience) with ease! If you've read anything on this site about Instagram, you know that I'm a huge advocate of engagement.  Nobody can follow you if they don't know you exist.  With hashtags becoming more difficult to rank for, there are really only 2 main ways to get noticed: cross-promoting and ENGAGING. By liking and commenting, you pop up in people's notifications and with a niche specific, high-quality profile, you can gain a lot of followers FAST.
Combin lets you engage with your audience FAST.  It's made ONLY for Instagram, and it shows. You can mass like and comment on posts you are actually interested in. You select the users and posts that you want to interact with, and Combin will do the work for you throughout the day.  The best part? It's entirely authentic!

A few other features include:

  • Monitoring who follows and unfollows you
  • Targeting your competitor's audience
  • Engaging with your own audience
  • Monitoring your posts

#2: use TAILWIND

You probably weren't expecting to hear about Tailwind as a cheat for Instagram, were you? The well-known Pinterest scheduler has made a name for itself in the Instagram world lately.  How? By helping you plan out and post your photos for the best times. It really helps smooth out the process.
I'm not a big fan of auto schedulers anymore. In fact, I recommend posting content natively. However, if you manage a bunch of accounts or don't have time to pick individual hashtags and captions for each... Tailwind is your best friend.  In fact, it's even Instagram approved.  If you need a shortcut it's the ticket.
It also includes a hashtag generator and in-depth analytic tools to help you quickly decide which hashtags are best for your audience. It will then notify you when to post while providing you with the caption and hashtags you pre-planned. This makes implementation easy.  If you are also into Pinterest, Tailwind has an optimized auto scheduler, as well as an incredible new feature called Tailwind Tribes.  You can get a free trial by clicking my link below. 

#3: Like people's comments

This isn't a joke.  It's fast and it works. No tools needed for this one! This simple tip can make an incredible difference.
Many people don't fully understand what engagement can do. Why do you think so many people pay actual money for bots? Because engagement can get them authentic followers no matter how terrible their content is.
You need content that keeps people's attention, but if all you care about is gaining a real following then all you need to do is simply engage.  I use to recommend Hootsuite, but since the major API changes that have occurred in the Instagram world, it's no longer an option. 
Instead, next time you are in front of the TV scroll through some of your favorite influencers in your niche and "like" people's comments on them.  The people that commented will get a notification that you liked their content. This will grab their attention, leading them to check out your page. This often converts to followers.
Do this throughout the day and you'll notice a gradual increase in people following you. Best of all? It's super easy and quick to do.
Just remember, if you have a high quality page it will help your chance for conversion. 
MiloTree is a great way to push traffic from your website to your Instagram. Often times, bloggers and businesses will be bringing in traffic from other platforms, such as Pinterest and YouTube. Using MiloTree is a great way to push these viewers over to your Instagram account as well!
It simply works by showing a popup on your site encouraging viewers to follow you. It's easy, incredibly cheap, and WORKS! 
Instagram "Cheat" Called MiloTree
Grab your free trial of MiloTree here!

#5: Regrammer

 Instagram tool called "repost". 
As you can see in the post above, I reposted @nebraskamuskiegirl's image.  This isn't native to the Instagram app, so I had to do it with Repost.  This is the most efficient ways to share and promote each other's content! The best part? Repost and Regrammer are free to use.
Cross-promoting is a perfect way to build excitement and help boost each other's accounts. It's ALSO a great way to share incredible content - especially if you lack your own.  Just make sure you ask them for permission first if they haven't already tagged in a photo. 


Nothing beats engagement.  Engagement brings eyes to your profile and to your post. It helps people relate to you and therefore gives you authority behind your brand. It also helps you rank higher in the algorithm. However, running a successful Instagram account takes tremendous time.  Therefore, make sure to use these tools to save time, increase engagement, and grow your following. You'll be Insta-Famous in no time. 
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