Instagram to secure your account we have reset your password

This happens for two reasons, and we'll cover them both in this article.
Password Resets When First Connecting It To Instamarketer
In order to keep your account safe while automating it, we connect it with it's own private proxy (1).
  1. Functioning as a relay between client and server, proxy servers help prevent an attacker from invading a private network and are one of several tools used to build a firewall. The word proxy means"to act on behalf of another," and a proxy server acts on behalf of the user.
Essentially, we are setting your Instamarketer connection as it's own separate device from your phone. Since Instagram is a mobile only app, it has higher security settings when you involve multiple devices.
When you add a new device, it can sometimes trigger a password reset. It's important to have a real email address linked with your Instagram account so when this happens, you can simply open the email they send you and set a new password.
We are aware when this one happens, because we review each recipe to ensure quality and once approved, your account is added right before our eyes. When a password reset occurs in this stage, we contact you letting you know, as well as the steps to update you password with us.
Password Resets Randomly
Instagram has algorithms in place to monitor account activity across their millions of accounts. Their goal is to minimize spammers, understandably.
Because of the high amount of activity our tool creates for your account, your account can sometimes trigger a security check to make sure you are not a spam account, sometimes known as a burner account.
The Instamarketer tries our best to uphold a level of standard within our user community, to avoid having users that are abusing our tool in order to harrass the Instagram community.
Even so, Instagram's algorithm can't tell whether or not you are posting quality content that creates value for the Instagram community, they can only see data.
So sometimes your account will face a security check such as a password reset, phone verification, or a captcha check.
In these cases, we are not aware of your password reset and you need to use the password reset form to have your password updated within our system.
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