List of online video downloder 2018

YouTube became the primary source of entertainment for many. At the same time it is so resourceful that using YouTube became more than just having fun - we use this endless portal for education, for learning new stuff, for news even. Most probably if you need to stream video or audio for free, watch movies in HD, know about the latest events in the world, you'll turn to YouTube in the first place.
But let's imagine the situation where you are using YouTube to watch a funny video that is totally worth sharing with friends or a tutorial that you'll need to watch at least ten more times to master a certain skill, all of that while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once you leave the network you'll have to use your cellular data to stream that video, which can be quite costly depending on your data plan. It would make things so much easier if you could just download YouTube videos for your Android and watch them as many times as needed without having to spend extra money on the Internet connection.
Let's see if we can find the best Youtube downloader for Android. In this article we'll overview 7 download YouTube videos android apps.

1. YouTubNow Service

If you don’t want to download extra apps on your smartphone to save some space on it, you can get the YouTube videos right from your browser. For this use YouTube video downloader for Android, YouTubNow. This online service copes with the YouTube video content of any duration and quality. It delivers you files in the format and resolution that you specify. It provides you with high speed and top class downloads. YouTubNow is also a great finder. It though roughly monitors the YouTube channel and delivers you appropriate results within seconds. You don’t need to surf through YouTube in the search for the video you require.

2. Vidmate

Vidmate is a well-known YouTube video downloader on Android. It has a multitude of features packed inside and offers online video watching and easy downloading in a few clicks. Several of this android YouTube downloader highlights are: downloading from YouTube, watching live TV, auto-detecting the videos before downloading, automatically selecting the resource links for videos.

3. TubeMate

We are pretty sure you can remember TubeMate - the most reliable YouTube downloader for Android that is easy to get on your phone and does its job just as you expect it to. To use this downloader you just need to open your browser and click the green arrow at the top to start downloading the desired video. The downloads go to a separate library. There is a built-in player to watch the videos.

4. Videoder

Videoder has lots of wonderful features. This YouTube video downloader for Android offers fast downloading process and boasts of a well-designed interface. This app also has a built-in converter that allows video to audio conversion. Users can choose resolution and format for video downloading. Another handy option is a built-in browser making downloading as easy as can be within just a click.

5. Tubex

Tubex is a free app that can download YouTube videos on Android and can be used to watch the videos. This YouTube video downloader for Android mobile has a high speed to offer even if your Internet connection is not very fast. The app supports multi-download option, supports multiple formats (MP3, MP4, FLV), convertible video files, play & pause, etc.

6. WonTube

WonTube is the fifth YouTube downloader for Android phone on our list that performs very well. Another highly reliable and user-friendly app with an impressive downloading speed index. The fact that the app is absolutely free and offers YouTube video streaming without buffering makes it a number one choice of a YouTube downloader app for Android mobile. The software offers notifications and works well with such connections as 3G, 4G, etc.

7. SnapTube

SnapTube knows exactly how to download YouTube videos on Android quickly and without any hassle. One can conveniently see videos categorized under most viewed, popular, and daily recommendations. Just type the name of a video in the search bar to find the desired one. Once you installed the app it is really easy to use .

8. Youtube Downloader for Android

YouTube Download is somewhat different from other apps we talked about. It is a complete app with download option and a built-in search that also can be your default YouTube app. You can also use this app for YouTube to MP3 Android extraction. All the files you downloaded are accessible through the dashboard for playback in your favorite media player.
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