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So we have this friend. This friend has a little bit of a penchant for Instagram stalking. Nothing brings her more secret pleasure than scrolling back through semi-strangers' feeds for weeks and weeks, taking in every coffee cup and sunset from that public profile. It doesn't matter who it is either; she's an equal-opportunity stalker. It could be an ex-coworker, the new girlfriend of her best friend's ex-boyfriend or even someone she met once at a bar. Really anyone she doesn't know well enough to actually, you know, follow.
I think we all have this "friend," don't we?
And this "friend's" worst nightmare is thus: She's casually 37 weeks back on the profile of her high school boyfriend's new wife when—boom—her finger slips and she accidentally grazes the like button. Sure, you can always unlike in a split-second's time, but there's no way of knowing whether this total stranger just got a humiliating notification. It's basically every "friend's" worst nightmare.
But now those accidental likes can become a distant memory, thanks to a brand new app.

Introducing...Instasnoop. Slightly shameful name aside, it's a totally genius invention that lets you stalk without a care in the world. It employs a feature called Snooplist, in which you can add users to keep tabs on without the options of liking or commenting. It's ridiculous and scary and totally perfect. You can even add individual photos to the list if you'd like to refer back to it more than once (like, say, a ring shot).
It was created by model Olivia Orchowski, who thought of the idea while she was stalking her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, obviously. Olivia, all of our "friends" thank you.
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