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Mobile Facebook Messenger: Facebook as a social media has gone broad and several features are now available on the platform, initially when Facebook was created, it was solely a form of messaging app but nowadays Facebook is now used to create events, advertise and improve brands, create polls and several other vast social network uses. Due to this, Facebook has moved to create a special messaging application for the platform, this is similar to your inbox in your profile, but the difference is, it is strictly for communication and messaging, so if your sole aim of going to Facebook is to keep in touch with friends, it’s time to Download mobile Facebook messenger and get rid of the distractions on your timeline and profile. 

How to get Mobile Facebook Messenger

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If you are ready to download mobile Facebook messenger, from your mobile device, be it android, apple iPhone or windows phones, simply navigate to the application store of this devices.
  1. For android: Go to Google Play Store
  2. For Windows Phone Users: Go to the windows store
  3. For iPhone and other ios Users: Go to the apple/ ios store
  • Once you get to the stores, simply locate the search fields and key in the “Facebook Messenger” Keyword. When the result comes up, click on the application that looks exactly like the one in the image below.

  • Now all you need to do is click on Install to download and Install this application.
  • After installation, go to your device’s home screen where you have collection of your apps and launch the app
  • The next thing to do is simply login, and upon login you will see that all your friends have been imported and you will see the ones currently active.
Amazing right, Chat on and enjoy the Facebook Features’ revolution with MOBILE FACEBOOK MESSENGER

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