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Sign Me Up For Facebook
How do I sign in with Facebook?
Important tip: Before signing in with Facebook, make sure that your web browser is not signed into someone else's TripAdvisor or Facebook account. Be especially careful of this if you share a computer (such as a public or family computer) - otherwise, you may connect the wrong accounts!

You can connect your Facebook profile to TripAdvisor in a few different ways:
If you are already signed into TripAdvisor, click the blue Connect button at any time. You should see the button at the top-right of every TripAdvisor page.
If you are signing up for a new TripAdvisor account, click Sign Up in the top corner of any TripAdvisor page, and then click the Sign in with Facebook button. You will need to enter your Facebook username and password if you are not signed into Facebook already.

After you connect your Facebook and TripAdvisor accounts, logging in/out of TripAdvisor will also sign you in/out of Facebook, and vice versa.

Read more about Facebook sharing and Facebook instant personalization, or learn how to disconnect your Facebook and TripAdvisor accounts.
Reasons Why You Cannot Log Into Facebook and Easy Solutions
While the situations may be infrequent; it is good to know that there are solutions available. Before attempting to solve your predicament, take a moment to browse Facebook's Bugs and Known Issues page. You may find others with the same problem, and more importantly, you may just see an official response from Facebook as to a known technical (or other) issue.

If you fall short there, these are the most commonly used methods to solve your login problems:
Forgot Your Password: Select forgot your password under the log in box, enter the required security details, and you will receive an email prompting you to reset.
Incorrect or Forgotten Email: An incorrect email login attempt may simply be because of an accidental uppercase letter. If you still have no luck, try using any available option on the "Recover Your Account" page.

Cache or Cookies Problems: Try clearing your browsers cache and cookies and then log in as usual.

Caps Lock: Similar to the email issue, make sure you are not typing your password in with the caps lock on. Make sure it's off.
Browser: Try logging in on a different browser. Sometimes there could be temporary issues with one over another.

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Hacked: If you think your Facebook account is hacked and cannot login as a result of someone changing your email address or password, you need to contact Facebook support for a quick restoration of your Facebook account.
Account Disabled by Facebook: Facebook seeks to keep on top of fake accounts and removes profiles that it deems are not real people. If Facebook detects your profile may not be legitimate, they may have disabled your account. The message you will see will resemble this "Confirm Your Identity" page.
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