What Does Friend Request Sent Mean

                                                 What Does Friend Request Sent Mean
What Does Friend Request Sent Mean
Find out who's IGNORED your Facebook Friend requests with this simple trick
IF YOU suspect that one of your friends might be ignoring your Facebook Friend request, here's a quick trick to find out for sure.

GETTY • FACEBOOKThere is a little-known way to find out if anyone has been ignoring your Facebook Friend requests

If you have been on Facebook for a few years, you might have lost track of who you have – and haven't – requested as a friend.

And there's also a very good chance you can't remember who accepted your friend requests.

But there is a quick way to find out whether anyone has been ignoring your Facebook Friend requests.

EXPRESS NEWSPAPERSLoad the Friend Request drop-down from the Facebook taskbar

Here's how it works –

1/ Log in to Facebook.com and tap the little Facebook Request icon in the top right-hand of the banner (it's the symbol that looks like two silhouettes).

2/ This will load a drop-down menu populated with all of your recent Friend Requests. From here you can chose to accept or ignore them.

3/ To see the Friend Requests that you've sent, you'll need to hit the See All text at the bottom of the drop-down

4/ This will kick you to a new page on Facebook with the same list of your pending Facebook Friend Requests, or any Friend suggestions thrown-up by Facebook.

EXPRESS NEWSPAPERSAfter you click See All, you'll be thrown to a new page with an option to View Sent Requests

5/ Click the View Sent Requests link that should now be at the top of the page.

6/ There you have it. Facebook should serve you a page with all of the people who have clicked Ignore or even Delete Request over the years, when you've reached out with a social media olive branch of friendship.

EXPRESS NEWSPAPERSAnd if someone has deleted or ignored your Facebook Friend Request, they'll appear in this menu

For some, this revelation could be a little soul-destroying. But for other Facebook users, it could be a brilliant ego-booster.

While you are on Facebook, why not check the frustrating other inbox that the US social website keeps hidden from its users?

It turns out, Facebook has been filtering your messages.

When a Facebook friend sends you a private message on the hugely popular social network, you get a notification in the Messages feed.

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The small Messages icon – which sites in the top-right of the toolbar next to the Notifications icon – is highlighted whenever a friend messages you.

Depending on your notification settings, the US social network might also drop you an email or a text message. But what happens when someone who isn't your friend drops you a line?

It turns out, Facebook stays frustratingly quiet.
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