Whatsapp Apk File Free Download

                                                Whatsapp Apk File Free Download

                                          Whatsapp Apk File Free Download
Download WhatsApp 2.18.264 APK for Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular free chatting applications of this world right now. The app is free for all different Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. It’s very secure than any other chatting application because of encrypted chats. It has very fast and now it has got several new features also. The interface of this application is very simple people can easily understand. The green logo looks fabulous. While using application internet connection is mandatory, because it’s an online chatting application, users can also use their WiFi Connections.

Download WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2018 | Free Download

The given version is a latest released version of WhatsApp application. If you have already installed the previous version of WhatsApp then there is no need to delete the previous version, the newer version will automatically update the previous one.
Whatsapp New Update 2018 Features | Download Whatsapp 2018

Every day the developer keeps on rolling out new features and updates in this app to enhance the user experience. In 2018, WhatsApp application has rolled out several new features such as Android Payments, Delete(Text) for everyone among others. Here is a list of all the important updates included in WhatsApp this year…

If anyone is a group admin then he/she can remove admin rights of other users. To remove someone from group admin you have to just tab in”Group info” option available inside WhatsApp and then click on “Dismiss as admin.”
The admin of a group can select particular people to change a group’s subject, icon and description by going to “Group info” and tapping “Group settings.”
Now users can delete messages they have sent by mistake. For Deleting that message you have to select that message you sent in the last 60 minutes, tap delete, and select “Delete for everyone.”
Now, Users can share their real-time location with their family members or friends. Open Whatsapp, click on attach icon > location, and tap “Share live location” to share.
People can again set a text-only update in their Whatsapp profile’s and its new name is About. Go to Settings and then jump to your profile name to edit it.
In the chat window, users can now search for the perfect animated GIF. Click on emoji button in a chat and then go to GIF’s at the bottom of the emoji panel to get started.
1. WhatsApp Status

Recently WhatsApp application added this new status update feature now, people can share photos, videos, and GIFs in their status and these status updates will appear in the Status tab, and they’ll automatically disappear after 24 hours. If you want to mute these updates then long press on a contact’s name. Users can also set privacy inside status.
2. Camera

Now with the help of one click user can access the camera, just swipe right from the chat tab.
3. Two Step Verification

Open Settings > Account to require a passcode when registering your contact number with WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp Web:

This is a new feature of Whatsapp, recently added by Facebook. Whatsapp web connects our device to our Pc or laptop. You have to just verify your account by using QR code. Steps to connect Whatsapp web:
Open Whatsapp.
Go to options.
Open Whatsapp web.
Then open your laptop.
Open web.whatsapp.com website.
Then with the help of your device scan the given QR code.
5. Free Messages

Whatsapp is free for all users worldwide, they have not to pay for every single text message. Your work is just to download it from the Play store or any other official source and verify your existing mobile number. There are no any other subscription charges to use WhatsApp.
6. Multimedia Files:

Users can send and receive videos, images, audio messages, and documents.
5. Whatsapp Video Call / Normal Call

This is one of the most popular features of Whatsapp right now, the calling feature of Whatsapp is too fast. If you are having good internet speed then you will fall in love with this feature of Whatsapp. The best part of this feature is that it uses internet connection instead of cellular plans. The video calling feature is far better than Skype or any other Video calling application, added in the year 2017.
6. Whatsapp Group Chats:

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If you want to create a group of your friends and family members then you can easily create them(Group limit 256). Whatsapp Video Calling: Feature This is a new latest version of Whatsapp, recently added in October 2016.

The given application is available for all android phones like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Honor, Huawei, Moto, Lenovo, Meizu, OnePlus, Oppo, ZTE, Jolla, Lyf, Sony, Ace, Asus and many more…
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