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www Facebook Com Com Login
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Facebook is now a popular global online chatting plat form where you can chat with your friend, family and other people that matters to you when you login facebook. One interesting part of www.facebook.com is that it brings friends from far places close together by this I mean tht you can chat and make new friends using facebook.com platform. Some got their wife on facebook and some got their husband on facebook. But using facebook, you must apply caution as everything that has advantages has disadvantages too.

It is quiet easy and absolutely free to join facebook and have fun no any form of payment is required you just need to have a facebook enabled phone either android or other phone that can browse the internet to help you do a facebook login or facebook sign up. Once you succeed to sign up to Facebook by going to www.facebook.com sign up facebook page, you will be redirected to youto add friends, upload pictures and share a status update.
www.facebook.com login Facebook – sign in to Facebook

Facebook.com is not too costly meaning you can access it not only in big phones but you can access facebook login page with any phone that browse the internet just that facebook will be inaccessible in blackberry at the end of 2016.
How to Sign in to facebook using www.facebook.com Login Facebook page

If you are looking for how to login facebook page, look no more as i have detailed everything to your own understanding. You can do a facebook login using your mobile phone or laptop.

To login facebook, go to www.facebook.com login facebook page and you will see a column for Email/Phone number and also a password column, put your email if you opened your facebook with email or phone number if you opened your facebook account with phone number. If you opened your facebook account with email and phone number, then put any one you wish in the phone or email column of the facebook login page. After putting your email or phone, put your password in the password field and click on Login.
www.facebook.com login Facebook – sign in to Facebook

If everything is correct, you will be logged in to your facebook account and you will see all your facebook messages, facebook likes even facebook posts you have made but if you made a mistake in either your facebook email or password, you will not be logged in to access facebook home page. If you are not logged in because of incorrect details, then cool down and read on to see how to recover facebook password or facebook email and have access to your account.
How to sign up to Facebook through www.facebook.com sign up facebook page

If you don’t have an account with facebook, and would like to create one, it is simple and easy. It does not take much time provided you have a strong internet connection in your phone or laptop you only need to have a working email address like Gmail account or Yahoo mail or a valid phone number and you are good to go.

To start your registration, login to www.facebook.com/signup and and fill the facebook account opening form that will be shown at the sign up page. Be sure to fill your phone number and email correctly as you will receive a verification code through the number or email you provided.
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Make sure you put your correct date of birth when filling the facebook account opening form because if you forget your password, your date of birth may be required in facebook password retrieval process and also your date of birth will be used by facebook to remind your friends of your birthday on facebook in case some of your friends forget your birthday, when they see a post from facebook that today is your birthday they will remember.
www.facebook.com login Facebook – sign in to Facebook –When you are sure everything is correct, click on sign up button on the facebook account opening page and you will receive a verification code in your email or phone number. Put the verification code you have received from facebook in the box provided and click on verify. Your account will be verified and you will be logged in autified and you will be logged in automatically to facebook and then you can begin to add your friends on facebook and other thing that pleases you.
Lost Facebook password, recovering Facebook password is easy here

What is Facebook password? facebook.comPassword is a secret pin either number or words which only you suppose to know it. It gives you access to www.facebook.com account. If you lost your facebook password, you won’t be able to access your facebook page so it is adviceable you keep your password safe to avoid hacking your facebook account.

If you have lost your own facebook password, it will be recovered easily you will need to follow the instructions bellow and get back your facebook account back to yourself.
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How to recover facebook password
Login to facebook .com
Click on forget password under the login form on facebook website
Enter your phone number, email address or full name that you used to open the facebook account
Click on recover password

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Facebook will send you a code in your phone, enter the code and proceed to change your password.
If you have forgotten your facebook login phone number or email, put a new email address and answer a secret questions that you have set up on your facebook account
The link to recover your password will be forwarded to the email.
Click on the link from facebook on your email and change your password when the page loads.
Choose the option to log out from other logged in device after changing your password in case someone has already logged in to your facebook.
Congratulations your facebook.com account is back to your possession again Enjoy
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