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www fb com sign up: It is necessary that one have an e-mail ID and you are good to go. For example, Yahoo Mail, Google mail, Hotmail, etc. All you need is to go type "Facebook.com" and then enter so that you have conquered the first step.

Facebook has made it available for its global users to sign up using mobile numbers also
Steps To Sign Up:  
  • Type in Facebook.com then click create new account and fill in the details below as required.
  • Full Name as Required
  • E-mail address.
  • Your Password.
Don't be ignorant each field requires its respective characters, some demand just alphabets, some demand alphanumeric and some just demand numbers alone. There are tips that may help the novelty users, for example it not expected of a new user to use a password that can be difficult to recall. The email should be a working and available one, more so, it can be case sensitive. Choose sex afterwards and click the signup button.
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Getting New Friends.
Here, you will need to activate your or let me say confirm your new account from the email you filled in the email required box the you can go back to the page and then start finding friends through their mobile numbers, emails, names etc. The next thing is to recognize your friends and click the "send friend request" beside their pictures.

Adding Information About Yourself.
The next thing required is to fill the box for secondary school, university, hometown, state of origin and so on as required, then click continue, this area can be filled later if one wants.
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Select What You Love Doing
This area is voluntarily as the user may choose, it contains field to be filled like Musician, TV show, Books , Best Actor , Brands etc. and it means one will start getting update from Facebook about the information field. You can also like celebrities’ page and others as much as you love, you get updated with them as they update their profiles too.

Upload Your Profile Picture.
This area is the part where facial identification is required, you can choose a file of you picture from the elongated box below the image and select the one best for you, it is expected to be your true picture and Facebook will block the your account if suspected to be for fraudulent. Like the previous field it is not compulsory but it is necessary because your picture make it easy for friends to find you.

Login Your Account

Here are few steps to confirm that you have successfully created an account.
  1. Type in "Facebook.com"
  2. Fill the email and password boxes
You can now enjoy the unlimited conversation on Facebook and make sure you forward this to your friends so they could learn to create an account also.

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