Create Facebook Account Gmail

Create Facebook Account Gmail
Create Facebook Account Gmail
How to open my FB account if the Gmail ID which is connected to it is deleted

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Do not worry a bit! Follow this steps...
Go to account settings in Facebook (top right gear)
Add another email
Login to the mail which you wanna make it primary.
You'll get a confirmation code. Or click
Now you can see two email addresses.
Select the one (tick) which you wanna make primary, save changes!!
Delete your old (previous I.e. Disconnected email address)
Then save changes
Voila :) Your new email is your primary one.. Enjoy.. Cheers mate :)

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No worries, if your gmail id is deleted from which your facebook account is assinged. You can change your master id from your facebook account.Login your facebook account with your prior id.

1. Go to settings option -> General Account Settings
2. Then Click Edit beside Email id option.There you can add your another primary email id.

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Don't worry for this problem, if your Gmail ID is deleted which you have connected to your Facebook account then you have to just login to your FB account and then change the master Email ID. You have to go to Setting option -> General account settings -> Click edit and add Email ID. There you can add another Email ID.

Yes You can open by 2 methods.
1. Facebook will ask you , your registered mobile number.
2. In case you have no access to the mobile number also, then you can give your new email id to the face book team with all the proofs along with the url of your facebook timeline. Following images are for your reference

After entering your new email id, it will direct you to the new page as follows.

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