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Create Facebook Gif

How to Create Animated GIFs For Your Facebook PostsFacebook has been experimenting with allowing animated gifs on their site for quite some time. Early reports of embedded gif functionality started in the early days of 2015, and various workarounds have existed before even then. These days, gifs are integrated in the Facebook Chat and Facebook Messenger program, with a variety of “gif keyboards” or gif libraries accessible and searchable by keyword.
Posting a Gif on Facebook

The primary way to post a gif on Facebook is to use the website Giphy. Giphy is one of the premier go-to image hosts on the web, specializing entirely in animated gifs.
Step 1: Create an animated gif. I’ll cover this in greater detail shortly.

Step 2: Upload the gif to Giphy. You can do this by going to the Giphy upload page and dragging and dropping a gif file, or clicking to browse to upload it, or pasting in a URL of the gif hosted on another site.
Step 3: Go to the gif’s page. Here’s an example gif:
On that page, you will see two tabs below the gif; “share” and “advanced.” You can click the Facebook icon on the Share tab to share the gif embedded in a Facebook post, and it will pop up a window that looks like this:
You can write whatever you want as your post, set your privacy settings, location, and emotion as you desire, and post it to Facebook.

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If you would rather do this all manually on Facebook itself – and not have the “via Giphy” at the bottom of the post – you can click on the advanced tab. You will see three options; the Giphy link, the HTML5 link, and the download link. Copy the HTML5 link and paste it in Facebook’s post composer. It will load a preview of the gif, which will look something like this:

You can click the gif to remove the big circled “gif” and play a preview. You can then customize the post and post it when it fits what you’re going for.
The pictures above are for a personal profile, but it works the same way for using a business Page, you just have additional options in the post publishing button, like scheduling, backdating, or saving the post as a draft.

Interestingly, Facebook doesn’t animate gifs when you upload them directly to Facebook, they are simply added to an album. The only time they actually animate is when they’re selected as a profile picture. Animated profile pictures are neat, for personal profiles, but they’re not a great idea for your brand, at least not yet. Rather than standing out as unique, they might come across as obnoxious, if they even work for brand pages. I legitimately don’t know if they do or not. I haven’t seen one, but that doesn’t mean much.

Also, Facebook doesn’t generate an animated preview of a gif hosted on the other big image hosting site, Imgur. I believe this has something to do with the way Imgur compresses their images. Gifs uploaded to their site are actually converted into Gifv/Webm format, which Facebook doesn’t parse and preview. You’ll have to use Giphy if you want the animated preview.
So, that’s posting the gif, and that’s the easy part. The hard part is getting a gif you want to use. I’ve found that there are four main ways of doing it.
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