create your own voting poll

                                                      Create your own voting poll
create your own voting poll
Create a New Poll
Polls are a quick and interactive way to ask a single question of your website visitors. You can also choose to display realtime results to your respondents!
What types of questions can I ask?
There are two question types you can use with Polls:
Radio Buttons
Image Select (Single)
Create a Poll
Click the dropdown next to the Create Survey button and select Create Poll.
Give your Poll a name and click Start Building.
Click Edit to add your answer options. A Poll will default to a Radio Button question but you can choose Image Choice by editing the default question.
Share Your Poll
Once your Poll is created, now it's time to grab the embed code for your website. Go ahead and click Share; you'll see the code you need to copy and paste into your website/blog.

Poll Styles
Note: Polls currently default to the Classic Theme Builder. This is by design as Polls have not been optimized for use with the new Theme Designer.
Settings for Display of Results
The realtime results are one of the features that make polls exciting and interactive. All of the settings for the display of results are available on under Tools > Poll Settings.
Results are displayed to poll respondents by default. If you wish to hide results you can select the option to Hide results from voters.
Results will display your answer option title by default. If you prefer to display the reporting value, select the option to Show reporting values for each option in results.
By default, the results will display the vote count for your poll. If you prefer to keep this private select the option to Hide total votes.
Finally, by default the percentages for each answer option display to the right of the answer option. If you wish to display percentages within the indicator bar you can do so by selecting this option in the dropdown.
Prevent Duplicates
With Polls, it is often essential to limit duplicate responses. You can enable Duplicate Protection for your Poll by going to Tools > Response Settings.
You can choose between cookie or IP address-based protection, depending on your needs.
With cookies, a small file is stored on the respondent's computer, disabling their ability to take the survey again (this can be circumvented by clearing cookies). IP address protection logs the IP address of the respondent and will not allow further responses from that address (which can cause issues in corporate environments where multiple users might share an IP address). Learn more about how these options work in our Duplicate Protection Tutorial.
Reporting on Polls
To access the results from the Home Page, click the Results button next to the poll title.
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