Deactivate twitter account on Android

                                                  Deactivate twitter account on Android
  Deactivate twitter account on Android
How to delete Twitter account
Are you done with Twitter? While it’s a great tool that can keep you informed and entertained, its not for everyone. Or maybe you just want to take a break from the social networks and the potential drama that sometimes comes with it ( (exes, anyone?). Whatever your reason for leaving may be, escaping from the Twitter realm is not a very complicated task, if you know what steps to take.
In this post we will show you exactly how it’s done, so keep reading for all the details.
Editor’s note: Leaving Twitter because you’re unhappy with its official app? Before taking off, you might want to instead consider one of the more reputable 3rd party Twitter apps. You can find more about this in our best Twitter apps roundup.
Things to know before leaving

There are a few technical things you should know about before making this decision. Let’s run through them real quick.
Sadly, you can’t yet do this from the Twitter application. You will need a computer (or a phone with a browser set to desktop mode).
Twitter will keep your information in its servers for 30 days after you deactivate your account. You know… just in case you get cold feet and decide to come back.
In these 30 days, you can reactivate your account by simply logging in.
If for any reason you want to use the same email or username on a new account, you can simply change them in the settings, then confirm your changes. Just make sure this is done before deactivating the account at hand.
Some content may still be view-able for a few days. If you really need some stuff to disappear, go delete it first.

How to delete your Twitter account
Open your browser and head over to
Click on the “Profile and settings” button, which is the little profile picture located on the top-right corner of the page.
Select “Settings”.
Scroll down and click on the “Deactivate my account” link at the bottom of the page.
After reading the given information, you can go ahead and select “Deactivate @_____”.
You will be asked to verify your action by entering your password. Go ahead and do so.
You are done!
Wrapping up

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