Delete someone from Instagram

Delete someone from Instagram
Delete someone from Instagram

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Most of the time we love it when someone follows us on Instagram. But every once in a while someone comes around who we don’t want following us. Maybe you have a stalker? Or maybe you bought Instagram followers and want to remove some of them? You can follow and unfollow anyone you want, but how can you delete followers on Instagram?
You can’t actually delete people from your followers list and since you don’t have access to there Instagram account there’s no way for you to unfollow yourself. The only way to remove them from your followers list and decrease your follower count is to block people. Here are the steps for blocking your followers:
Navigate to your profile page by tapping the far right icon on Instagram’s main navigation bar
Tap on “Followers” to see a list of everyone following you. This doesn’t look accessible but it is.
Tap on the follower that you want to delete
Tap the arrow icon on the top right of the follower’s profile screen
Tap “Block User”
Tap “Yes I’m Sure” to confirm you want to block the user
Tap dismiss to finish the process
Once you dismiss the dialog, nothing will happen. If you navigate back to your profile (step 1) and then back to the list of (step 2) the person you deleted should be gone. Sometimes Instagram caches this list on your phone so don’t worry if they still show up for a few days.
What happens when I delete a Follower?

The person you deleted from you followers list will not know they’ve been blocked. They won’t receive a notification, they can’t see your photos or videos in their news feed and you won’t show up when they try searching for you.
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A few side effects of deleting people is that they can still mention you in a post which will show up in your News tab. Their likes and comments will not be deleted from your posts but you can always go back and delete their comments yourself. If you and the person you deleted share a mutual friend they’ll still see your likes and comments on the mutual friends posts, but if the deleted follower tries to tap on your username your profile will not be displayed.
How to undelete a follower

If you want to “undelete” the user from your followers list you can reverse the process by searching for them, tapping the arrow on their profile and tapping “Unblock User”. Everything will go back to normal and your follower count will tick up by 1.
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