Did Facebook Delete My Account

                                           Did Facebook Delete My Account
Did Facebook Delete My Account
Why did Facebook delete my account?
Crystal Viola, Dystopian Mayhem™ - Online Book Marketing at Dai Alanye Books (2015-present) ·

Someone maybe reported your account or Facebook suspected it’s a fake account. Either way you should contact ‘Help’ from the login page and follow instructions. Or just start here >> My Personal Account was Disabled .
Shubham Sunny, Social Media Optimizer at Healthians (2018-present) ·

Facebook deactivates account if they find the profile is not a genuine one or impersonating someone. They will ask you to submit identity proof for reactivation of your account.

There might be spam reported by someone or multiple people for your profile.

You might be doing spam posts or suspicious activities similar to spam have been reviewed by Facebook.

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To avoid permanent deactivation ‘Always verify account with Mobile no.”. Facebook only restricts users from certain features for certain time even if its reported.
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Joseph Amegatse, Chief Executive Officer
Answered Aug 12, 2018

Sometimes Facebook might delete your account if you seem to be doing things that go against their T&C.
It could also be that someone hacked into your account and used it for some suspicious activities.

Sheeza Jawed, Executive Marketing at Abtach.ltd (2018-present) ·
Probably, more than 5 10 people have reported you or might be you have posted something which is not appropriate.
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