Do people know when you search them on Facebook

                                       Do people know when you search them on Facebook
 Do people know when you search them on Facebook
   Maybe yes..
Facebook gives you a list of suggestions of people to add on your friend list.
Though it’s algorithm is very complex, but if you want to understand it in simple terms, then you are showed those people on the suggestion list who have visited your profile at some point of time.
So if you have searched someone on Facebook and have visited their profile. Then chances are high that they might see your name in their friend suggestions list.
Though there are other significant factors like no. of mutual friends or if someone shares the same place or a college with you. But the above mentioned factor is also one of them.

Trust me when i say it definitely uses people who search for you and click and view your profile. Thats all it takes. I am a manager and had an issue with a guest who said he was going to call customer service just to get free services and i told him to go F himself if he thinks ill just let him get my crew fired and possibly me so he could get maybe $40 free stuff. The situation was resolved and he got nothing but thats not the point. This guy is probably 10 years older than me, has no connections to me or my friends, lives over an hour away from me, and my job is 30 minutes from

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me anyway. 3 days after the incident at work, guess who showed up on my do you know this person notification. So i dont give a shit what Facebook claims or says, they shouldnt lie about the way their system works. Im actually grateful that it notifies you of someone “looking you up” because it let me know this psycho was searching for me. But Facebook, stop lying. Pretty sure its illegal, and pretty sure somebodys going to get a lawsuit in sooner or later. Theres no way it was random a guy i dont know,

 had never met, has zero connections with, lives far away, and has nothing at all similar is just going to pop up in my do you know this person 3 days after he called customer service on me and got my name as the manager. Idk why people defend this fact, i suppose Facebook pays its employees to lie pretty well.
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