Facebook all request Cancel

                                        Facebook all request Cancel                                                               
   Facebook all request Cancel
It’s a simple way to cancel sent friend requests if you know the person’s Facebook user name. If you are a newbie Facebook user, then the steps given below might be useful for you.
On the Facebook search box, type the person’s user name and search for it.
If you have found the profile on which you want to cancel friend request, then browse through the person’s profile/Timeline page.
Hover the mouse over the friend request sent button at the top of the page.
Click on Cancel Request and confirm it.

Way 2
Click on privacy short cuts in the upper right corner of the page and select “Who can see my stuff?” .
Click on Use Activity Log.
Also you can directly enter into the ‘all activity’ or ‘activity log’ page. To do that, simply click the Activity Log button which is present at the top of your profile/Timeline page.
In the left column panel, click More to expand all your options.
Click friends

There you could see when you have became friends with someone or when you have sent a friend request is listed in chronological order (arranged according to temporal order).
Again if you have found the person’s name listed there, click on it and then it’s easy to cancel the sent friend request.

Way 3

Kindly please note that, longer the activity of yours on Facebook, larger the file size.
Check out Way 4 here at How To Cancel All Sent Friend Requests On Facebook? - Tech And SEO

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Step #1. You need to login into Facebook mobile version! (Otherwise,
you can directly go to google and search Facebook Mobile Version.
Because Facebook allow mobile users to cancel send friend request on one
Step #2 Go to friends, view send friend request.Now, you will able to view all the friend request, which are still pending...

(Direct link to cancel pending friend request if your not able to get the link: Welcome to Facebook)
Step #3 Click on 'Cancel Request' As Fast As You Can :D

As far as i know, this task can be completed by a software automatically, Fo11owing-Like Facebook Version is a great social media bot that can manage multile FB accounts to automate the campaigns on Facebook.

You can schedule a task to automatically call all friend requests on Facebook, it only needs 2 steps to set this software:
Add your account to this program.
Use a module “Cancel friend request” to complete the setting.

Click “run” , then it will automatically cancel all friend request pending on Facebook.
Hope this tool could help you.

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