facebook friend request limit per day

                                                facebook friend request limit per day
                                      How many new Facebook friends can we add per day?
                                    facebook friend request limit per day
“Technically” there isn’t a limit, however, Facebook will put you in Facebook jail (temporarily block you from sending friend requests) if you add more than 10 people per day (using their “add friend” button.) To be safe, add 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening. I have been doing that for years with no issue.

*Note* - I am an attraction marketing specialist on Facebook and have had 5000 friends (Facebook’s max.) for years. That said, I am constantly adding and removing friends to keep engagement with like-minded individuals high.

That said, there are ways around these limits, however, you need to know what you are doing and you cannot use the “add friends” button to add more than 10 friends per day or you risk losing your account entirely.

If one is truly interested in maximizing their friends and influence using Facebook, research attraction marketing and find yourself a mentor who knows the ins and outs of their network.

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It pays HUGE dividends when done properly.


There's no limit on sending friend request on Facebook but getting ignored by many users is considered as Spam and you can get temporary block for this. Before sending request, make sure that you know him/her and use your real name, so that people may know who they're contacting and connecting to.

There is no official number about that, but Facebook will limit that functionality if you start adding people in a massive way, specially if its people you dont have friends in common.

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When You reach 1000 unanswered friend requests the Facebook blocks you sending friend requests. And then if the number of unanswered friend requests is lowered you have a small window of possible send friend requests

Facebook friends we can always add but they have limitation in adding the Facebook friends,There are number of people who are using the Facebook so they kept on limitation of adding the Facebook friends.You cannot add unknown friends because if they block you, you may not be able to login to your facebook website we cannot add the friends who are outside, we cannot add the friends who we know each other

There is no limit. but if Facebook moderator found specious activity to request bulk friends. it can be temporary block your account for few days.
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