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  Facebook icon Jpg

The truth is, that in today’s world, if you don’t have a facebook account you don’t exist. But, there are also countless websites today that have their own facebook account and an icon that says like us on facebook. It’s that little blue square with the white F letter located in one of the corners of the site next to some others social media buttons and its purpose is to take you to the site’s facebook page when you click on it.

Twitter Bootstrap Icons
You can also include a bit of CSS color code to display the Bootstrap icon in a color other than the default black.

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Facebook Icons
Nowadays, facebook is a great marketing tool for any business or website, making it easier for business owners to connect with their customers or people interested in what their business offers through this social media network. Facebook icons are a great way to help people connect with any business through facebook and are a great addition to any website, simplifying the process of connecting through this social media network.

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