facebook id and password

                                                           Facebook id and password
 facebook id and password
How to recover my username and password for Facebook
If he is your spouse. I would just tell him you suspect something and would like to see his phone. If he won't open it then you have your answer. The only other way is to wipe his screen very clean, depending on what kind of lock, given it is a screen lock, you can let him use it once or twice on a Saturday, then when he takes a shower take some talk powder or powdered sugar and toss half a teaspoon on the screen and shake it around. Then dump it off. Usually it will adhere to the places he touches with his fingers so you can trace the pattern or numbers and then make a few attempts at the number sequence or the pattern lock. If it is a fingerprint lock, then you are out if luck. Police are even having difficulty getting into people's phones when they are an iPhone because it encrypted everything when it is locked. For sure I would go with the direct way. If you straight married you shouldn't hide anything from each other. Unfortunately, so many marry without discussing honesty and trust issues that may come up in the future of the relationship. Trust me I have been there. This time I spoke to my spouse about soon this prior to marriage and we agreed to unlock our phones if the other ever wanted to see it.

In case of a lost password in a social media account, try the following steps:
Use the social media "Forgot my Password” feature.
Make yourself a new password through a link send to your email.

To add, see, or edit your Facebook username, go to Settings > General > Username.

If you lost your email account as well, try the following steps first:
Use your email provider "Forgot my Password” feature.
Gain access back by confirming your account information, including but not limited to:
Date of creation
Backup phone/email
Security questions
Manual confirmation by email provider staff through phone or email

If you cannot recover your email, I'm sorry to say that your account may have been lost forever. Some social media company cannot do anything in this case as they did not want to accidently give up access to an imposter.

Most importantly, do not enter your personal information on any sites except your social media or email provider official site. Many other site, are either a phising site trying to get your data or a site intended for identity theft. Both are criminal activity.
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