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If you maintain a Facebook business page, you've probably noticed that the URL for your page isn't very pretty. It contains a seemingly random jumble of letters and numbers. Fortunately, you can sign up for a custom Facebook vanity URL for your Facebook page, which lets you give the page a much more memorable address on the Web.Log in to your Facebook account.

    Facebook link Name
Click "Account" at the top of the page and select "Help Center" from the drop-down menu. Type "vanity URL" in the search box and select "How can I secure usernames for my Pages?" from the results.
Click the URL indicated to go to the username selection page.

Click the drop-down box next to "Page Name" and select the Facebook Page that needs a vanity URL. Type a name into the provided box and click "Check Availability."
Click "Confirm" if the vanity URL username you typed is available. This registers the vanity URL username with your Facebook Page. The page can now be reached at Facebook.com/yourpage, where "yourpage" is the vanity URL username you selected.

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