Facebook no friends to Show

                                              Facebook no friends to Show                                                               
  Facebook no friends to Show

What does it mean if a person's Facebook account shows no friends? Has the friend list been stopped from being shared to other users?

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There are only two reasons because of which it is shown that this particular user has no friends.
1.May be that user really haven't have a single friend untill then.

2.He/she might be set the settings as friend list should be not shown to anyone. In this case Facebook shows the list of common/mutual u both have,if it shows “No Friends” means that profile don't have any mutual friend with you.
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It’s because that person doesn’t want to show their Friends List to anyone, including Friends. Only people with mutual friend/friends can see their mutual friends.
No-one can see my Friends on my Facebook because I’m protective.
Jennifer Joan Parsons, studied at Bow Valley College ·

Does not mean anything it's just what the account holders privacy settings are set to.
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