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 Facebook profile Image
Facebook photo sizes?
Here are all the details you need to size your photos and graphics to look their best on your Facebook Fan Page. Includes Cover Photo, Profile Pic, and Wall Photos.
Updated for the new Facebook Page design June 2014!
Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Starting at the top, your Cover Photo will be displayed at 851 pixels (px) by 315px. You have the opportunity to adjust the cropping, but cannot resize the image that you upload or choose from your Fan Page albums.
To ensure you’ll like the results, size in an image editor before uploading. Start with an image that’s at least 851 pixels wide. Enlarging a lower resolution image can make it look fuzzy or pixelated.

NOTE: Your Page Name, category, and buttons have moved inside the Cover Photo as of mid-June 2014. Grab my template at the link below so they won’t obstruct an important part of your Cover design.
Read: Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Template, Ideas (get the updated template here).
How to Make a Great Facebook Timeline Cover Photo for 15 Bucks(learn to resize images in a FREE image editor).

Facebook Profile Picture Size
The Facebook Profile Picture is displayed on your Fan Page at 160px square, but must be uploaded at least 180px square. You can also upload a larger image, preferably in a multiple of 180, such as 360, 540, or 720, and Facebook will resize it for you. This may give you better clarity, and will definitely give you a larger image in your Photo Album!
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Facebook Fan Page App Images / Thumbnails

The App Images, Tab Images, orThumbnails that used to appear under your Cover Photo have moved to the left column. Only 3 show on the page, but when the arrowhead is clicked, every app thumbnail can be seen. It’s a good idea to customize them.
The Facebook app thumbnails are still 111px wide by 74px high. Keep them simple – maybe just type that expresses a call-to-action.

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Facebook Fan Page App Favicons
The FB Fan Page Apps used to have tiny 16px favicons. These have been eliminated.
Facebook Fan Page Apps

Your Fan Page app can be a single image (sample here). The width of the tab is 810px, and the maximum height for a full-tab image is 1200px. This is the only Facebook image that I’ve found to have a file size restriction, and it’s 400kb. Choose the appropriate compression when saving your jpeg, It won’t upload if larger than 400kb.

For info on how to add custom tabs to your Fan Page, read: Facebook Timeline Fan Page Tabs: Add Your Website to FB
Facebook Wall Photo Size
New as of June 2014! Photos shared on your wall are displayed at 504 pixels wide and up to 504 pixels high. When sizing your graphics and photos, make them at least 504 pixels. Facebook is recommending 1200 pixels.
Height can vary – horizontal and tall images will work. I used to recommend a tall proportion of 4:5, but now these will be reduced to 504 pixels tall with gray bars on the sides (see sample).

Horizontal images will fill the 504 pixel width, but won’t have the impact of square. Square looks best on the wall.
For complete details on how photos appear on the Fan Page Wall in 2014, see Best Facebook Photo Sizes for Your Fan Page Wall 2014.
Facebook Photo Viewer Photo Size
Photos you’ve upload
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