Facebook registration form Application

                                       Facebook registration form Application
Facebook registration form Application
It is no hidden mystery that Facebook is the world’s largest social network. And because its popularity, it is considered an opportunity for brands to leverage their social presence and think about new creative integrated campaigns and engagement strategies. Although recent studies have shown a decrease among teenagers, it still has the biggest number of active users compared to any other platform. Thus the marketing efforts towards this particular social network remain a justified and beneficial strategy for a brand.

Correlating the use of forms with any social platform will not only expand your reach but also boost your brand image. The many ways you can benefit from the use of the dedicated 123FormBuilder application for Facebook we will discuss in an ample series of articles. So stay tuned, you might just find new ways to enhance your social media strategy.

The first subject from this series deals with event registrations and properly handling the events page. Since we discussed how to create an event registration form with 123FormBuilder, we’ll cut to the chase and talk about bring it to Facebook. And there are several ways you can do this.
Using the 123FormBuilder Application for Facebook

If you enable the 123FormBuilder Application for Facebook to access your pages, you can import any form, survey or poll from your account into a tab on your Facebook page. These tabs can be edited from your Timeline, you can favourite them, change their position, name or appearance.
In order to do this, you have to go to the Publish section from your 123FormBuilder account, select Facebook from the menu and click on the link redirecting you to the Facebook application.

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After you enabled the application, simply select the form and the page where you want it to appear from a dropdown. And you’re ready, the new tab will appear on your Timeline under the name “Contact Us”. You can edit this name directly from the Menu. Just click on the top right edit icon and select “Edit Settings” and add your custom tab name. Now, your event registration form will appear on Facebook into the tab “Register to event”. You can choose the name that suits you best and even change the image that appears in the menu tab.
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