Find my Facebook id

                                                     Find my Facebook id
Find my Facebook id

How to find my Facebook user ID

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You can use this facebook id finder tool to find your Facebook ID number or read the below instructions if you want to find it manually.

Using Computer
Go to Log In or Sign Up and login to your FB account.
Click your name (along with your profile picture) in the left hand side of Home button or simple go to this link
Press Ctrl + U to view source code once the page is completely loaded.
Press Ctrl + F to find and type fb://
You may be able to find out the numerical id in the source code highlighted.

Using Mobile Device (Chrome)
Login to your FB account in Google Chrome.
Copy and paste this in browser address bar view-source:
Select search in the options list of chrome and enter fb://
You may be able to find out the numerical id in the source code highlighted.
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Hello , I am using this tool to find Facebook user id , Facebook page id or Facebook group id Facebook ID Finder Tool

Why It Is Good Tool ? Why Am I Using It?

It is easy to use ...
you should copy the Facebook URL for the aim page , group or profile
then past this URL into the search input which show in the front page of this tool
then click the submit button called "get Facebook numeric id now" .

You will be redirected to the results page . You will see the avatar for the given URL and ID masked with yellow background.

It will support you with the OG meta tags needed .

Screenshot attached .

That is all .

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It’s very easy to find your Facebook user ID, just follow these steps!
Open your Facebook profile
Take a look at the top (on the search URL bar) - it says like

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